Hero Evolution (new feature to increase of * level of heros)

This is different to the Evolution mentioned in New Ascension Requirement, Hero Evolution (which I ALSO think is be a fantastic idea.) That concept COULD work hand/glove with this one.

In this hero evolution, all hero’s could be increased in star power. This would allow the max star level to be 6 (or even higher), without changing the game much. I would think this would re-invigorate some of the long time players, giving them something to again shoot for.

To evolve, There would be another button (evolve). This would be like ascend, but to evolve the hero would have to be 100% leveled (including lvl 8 of special ability) you would need evolution materials (ascension materials), AND you would also need other fully leveled and ascended same heros. I would think a good count of ‘extra’ heros would be * level - 2.

So to evolve BoldTusk, you would need the proper set of evolution materials (I would think same as the last ascension level materials), and 2 fully ascended bold tusks. The result is you would get a level 1 5* BoldTusk, with special skills of 1, and with all minimum stats for a 5* BoldTusk(details of the data would have to be worked out). But now this 5* BT would be ripe for advancement through normal means.

I would say that only 3* - 5* heros would be eligible for ascension.

If this idea is liked, then some of the TBD items would be:

  1. Evolution items needed: (should it be same as final ascension, or simply be the next harder, i.e. for a 4* the same as the final ascension for a 5*, etc).

  2. Number of fully leveled same heros needed to be consumed. Just one always, or more for higher star’d heros.

  3. What is the cap? Is 6* the cap? Can any hero get to 6*?

  4. exactly what stats do the heros get when ascended? There also should be some ‘extra’ abilities opened at each new star level. This should show up on the player card, (as seen from the summon portal), so that players would know exactly how the hero would evolve and make plans on evolving the best one.

Example: 6* Bane: (with Evolution ‘feeder’ heros needed being # stars -2 and a 6* cap for any hero ascension).
Would take an extra bane to get to 4*
Then 4 extra banes to get the 2 extra 4* banes to get a 5* bane
Then 12 extra banes to get 6 4* banes. These 6 4* Banes would Evolve into 2 5* banes.
Now the 3 5* Banes could evolve into a 6* Bane.
- So in total you have FULLY leveled 18 3* banes.
- AND FULLY level 9 4* banes
- AND finally FULLY level 3 5* banes to get the 1 6* bane (which is minimum 6* level and) .
- Finally, the 6* would need to be leveled.

I would be pretty sure that the dev’s WOULD have to loosen up the ability to get higher ascension materials however, or this entire Evolution method would not really be usable by players due to inability to ascend/evolve enough heros. The items needed to evolve a 3* to a 4* would be trivial. Beyond that, 4* to 5* would be achievable today. But 5* to 6* seems out of touch with reality due to rarity of materials.

Also, pushing a 3* (or 4*) up to 5* or 6* is a LOT more work, but that is countered somewhat by the ease of getting the initial feeder heros. Evolving a ‘natural’ 5* hero to 6* in theory is easier (since you do not have to go through the steps to ‘GET’ the 5*'s to start with, BUT getting multiple of the same 5* to start with is more difficult (and costly, which should be good for the bottom line for SG)

I would think this would almost give the game a ‘season 1.5’ appeal to the players who have been loyal since the start (does not include me, I have only been here a shorter time). Yes, a new game with new base maps is ‘neat’ for a while, but it if it just the same game, is it really a draw for the long term players.

I know the devs recently added alliance wars as a filler task to extend the appeal of this game. Could the same be said for this, to extend the appeal of the game by simply a new challenge to shoot for?

After a nice hot shower (where some of my best thinking happens), I see more pro’s for this idea.

it makes TC 14-18 more useful (they really have little purpose today). But if heros could be Evolved, then it would make sense to work a TC16 only at green, if you were wanting to evolve say Carver.

Also, if 2* were allowed to evolve (OP only specified Evolve for rare+ ), then it also gives TC5-9 a reason to exist, other than to be filler to get to the magic number of 20 different training camp types. I would love to evolve a 6* Layla or Needler :smile: They are both pretty nasty for a 2* Allowing them to be promoted (with a ton of work) to 6* would be fun :wink: Also (if allowed), I am sure there would be players which would try to push a 1* (or even a whole team of them) up to 6*, just to say they did, lol.


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