Hero drops


@Rigs, if there are enough heroes to have Elemental summons, then there are enough 4-5* season one heroes, plus HOTM and Atlantis heroes to make a pretty Awesome Atlantis summons without adding in all of the season one 3* heroes that you can draw from a free summons token, or for 50 coins less in the rare draw(that they call “epic hero summons”) with a chance of epic or legendary.


Not in the favor of the odds. And keep in mind elemental is confined to 1 color so you only get that 1 color, that can be more of a drawback than a selling point so yes it may give you a better chance at a 5* but you have no chance at 5* in other colors. Which makes green elemental summons pretty much worthless once you have caed and melendor.

If they pulled the old 3* from atlantis right now, they would have to either increase the cost or they would have to figure out a negative drawback to it like decreasing the odds of getting season 2 atlantis 4 and 5* and past hotm

I’d rather them not. I do at least 1 30x pull every atlantis event, i agree it sucks if 20 of those are 3* and over half of those are old 3* but i understand why it’s necessary to keep it from being too imbalanced


over the last month, nothing has fallen above 3 *, for this reason I just stopped buying something for money, until I get the right hero or the right squad to pay it makes no sense


Rng definitely sucks at times. I have no remedy for that. Regardless of the odds, anything less than a guarantee and you can have those results. I hope things get better for you


@Rigs, maybe I’m wrong, but I think you actually prove my point in comparing elemental summons against the Atlantis summons. Your previous statement was there aren’t enough heroes to remove season one 3* heroes. My logic is that if there are enough in one single element, then there must be enough heroes if you add all elements minus 3*. The Atlantis summons already cost more than other summons. You earn or buy special coins for one summon or you have to use additional gold coins per summon.

Ultimately, why should I pay more for a summons when I have almost the same odds for drawing a season one 3* as I do in a standard epic hero summons?


Count how many season 2 heros 3* and up heros there are. Count how many season 1 3* and up there are. Figure up how many heros we would have in the portal total if old 3* were removed. Then we’ll talk more


Ok @Rigs, here is the breakdown

season 1= 28-3* 34-4* 54-5* total 116

season 2= 6-3* 9-2* and 3-5* total 18

considering that despite the comparatively small number of 3* heroes, you have a 64% chance of drawing a 3* ; the drop rates can obviously be manipulated by devs. That means that by eliminating those 28 heroes they could still limit the drop rate of 5* vs. 3* heroes. Factoring in that there are only 6-3* heroes in season two, I can understand your position. So I propose that they could keep the two highest ranking 3* heroes from season 1 to offset that imbalance. Since the Atlantis summons is a unique summons with special tokens and higher regular coin cost, people should expect and receive more value.


Thanks for the info. Do you think just pulling 18 season 1 heros out and replacing those with season 2, keeping the drop rates the same, and simply look at the extra 50 gems per summon as paying for a chance at old hotm and points toward loot chest?

Just realized this is pretty much what you said lol so take out 18 season 1 3*, replace with season 2 heros if I’m reading your post correctly. Which seems pretty fair and is the way it should have originally been done in the first place in my opinion.


I believe there are several consecutive random pulls:

  1. Star 3 4 5
  2. Season 1 2
  3. New or old
  4. If 5* hotm or not
  5. Etc


@Rigs, that idea will not please everyone, but personally, I think it would be better. I would like to see a decrease in season one 3* heroes, even if it meant an increase in Atlantis 3* hero drop rates. To me it is frustrating to try and earn and/buy Atlantis coins to only get one Atlantis hero out of multiple pulls. I didnt use any regular coins for the second Atlantis rollout. The chance of drawing a season one hero is still to high for me to waste those 50 coins. Of course, that was simply me, I’m sure plenty of people did it, which legitimizes the system as it is set now. Why change a business model that obviously works? I doubt that this topic will generate enough interest to put it on the front burner, but I do hope that there is enough support to get the devs to consider a change in the future. There is a huge loyal fan base for this game and people like me may get a little disgruntled, but we still find ourselves spending real money(even after saying we won’t).


I meant to say a decrease in season one 3* drop rates during the Atlantis summons. I am not sure what the actual percentages are in the Atlantis summons, so I’m just throwing that out there from my own experiences.


Well, why be surprised? for 7 and a half months of the game, I still haven’t gathered a full team in 5 *, 3-4 * drops out, sometimes 5 * colors I already have, but 5 * greens don’t fall out, there’s simply no point in paying.


For 5* greens you’re not missin much. Only 1 regular 5* green even worth having in my opinion


from the three camps of the 20th day, for the month did not receive anything higher than 3 *


tough luck. have patience


You can have patience when you play for a while …


check this mv and hope it will come for you as it did to a friend from my alliance

luck will come


I already forgot when I got something with mv :grinning:


Unpopular opinion but please don’t kill me, I want to answer to get the real understanding of things.

I’m pretty new so I haven’t been through an entire cycle of the game yet, but, doesn’t this also happen with Seasonal heroes and event heroes? Which in their case it’s a longer time until they re-spawn again?

Looking at the pool size of Season 2 heroes I don’t think that you can remove the 3* from Season 1, Gato or Chochin will be the next “Mah god, another Fire Truck” and the chances of receiving either a 4* or 5* will still be the same, why overpopulate teams with heroes that can be received once a month?

Real problem is if you pay (which I’m not saying it’s wrong) is that for each 10x pull you do your roster increases, ergo the valuable heroes that you can get from a pull decreases way too fast.

Once you’ve done 1000 pulls (just a number) and let’s say that we respect the odds, you get 12 5* heroes if I’m not mistaken, which means that if you want a heroe that’s out of those 12 you have an even smaller chance to pull it, and you will have to waste even more money to get it, it’s a mind game, you can’t control the odds nor the pulls you get and that hard sticker that won’t come out will stick with you no matter how much you pay. Eventually you’ll get it but after expending an exhorbitating amount of money (or perhaps just a few bucks, depends on the odds)

So what I was trying to say is that paying is an easier way up, but the upper you go the steeper the path gets.


Where do you get 12 from? That’s a 1.2% drop rate.

From everything I’ve seen the rate is 3-4% which would be 30-40 5*