Hero disappeared --blue gone


I am new to the game and play it on my phone. My blue hero character has disappeared. I understood we could not delete hero so I was surprised when he disappeared. Now I cannot have one of my fighting teams to have one of each color and when I battle and connect blue pieces I see hero missing. Did I do something wrong. When I last “saw” hero he was training.


Was it part of one of your teams when it disappeared?

If it wasn’t, the likely scenario is that you fed it leveling another hero; if it was, and you suddenly wound up with a gap in your teams, create a ticket in game as that shouldn’t ever happen.

I would recommend favoriting heroes that you’re working on to prevent the likely scenario from occurring.

Who was the hero?


I don’t remember; I believe he was still was on the hero roster. It was Brand. I have since creating the initial ticket received another Brand from my free summons.

Carla Ann Rowland


To prevent feeding a wanted hero to another during the levelling process:

  • tap on the hero to pull up it’s card
  • tap on the greyed out lock above the upper left corner of the card. If you get to a point that you no longer want to keep it and you’re ready to feed it to another hero, just take off the lock.

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Honestly, before Small Giant added this lock feature a lot of people fed the wrong hero to another during the levelling process…


thanks for everyone’s good advice.


I have the same problem. My blue hero from team no. 2 just disappeared today :frowning:


You can feed any hero you have to any other heroes unless you lock him/her using the icon of :lock: on his/her picture.
So you might by mistake feed him to other hero.
Take good care later and lock em all.
Same goes on your troops when you build later a baracks


I also just lost a hero he is yellow character one of the pandas, I swapped him out for another character to use and when I went to go swap him back for the next battle he was nowhere to be found, and no I did not feed him to anybody,it just disappeared… and I want him back I spent a lot of jewels in this game and if I don’t get him back I am going to be severely upset


And just as quickly as I complained about losing my character ,it reappeared…wooooo


Rofl … ROFL … you killed me :rofl: