Hero died in tourney, without ever getting hit

I was on my 5th tournament battle June 10th, and had attacked the center, Li Xiu, 1 or 2 times but no major mana gain and no overspray to the outer heros. When I looked down to see which heros I should try to charge up, I noticed Colen on my left wing was dead, no idea how as I didn’t see it happen. He was just dead. The only way he was killed was if their snipers were born with 100% mana.
Doubtful I get that one back but reporting anyway.


Colen is very squishy. He possibly died by normal slash attacks. Such unlucky things happens often to me as well. One or even more heroes dead before a single one of each team has the mana fully charged.

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Not in 2 turns. He is maxed with emblems. Not happening.

Two very unlucky turns maybe. Three or even 4 consecutive slashs would probably kill him.


Happens sometimes.

Yesterday, was doing 15-2 in hard mod, first turn, 5 monsters. They all slashed my poor Rigard. Absolutly all, in a row. He just insta died lol… That’s just… life…

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What are Colen’s (+ emblems) stats? He is a killer, not not a survivor… Extremely squishy without emblems… I wonder what his current stats are.

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Heroes die from slash damage. It just happens sometimes. It is unlikely that your hero died without reason, not impossible but very unlikely. You’d need a recorded fight to prove it was the case…

I have had that happen to me a few times whilst on the season stage’s and other stage’s raid’s and so on

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