Hero depictions

Which hero or heroes would you like SG to redo the hero art for? For me, Obakan and Kadilen.

Obakan currently looks too cartoonish. He should look like Grimm on steroids. Kadilen looks like an import car model doing Lord of the Rings cosplay.


Gregorion: He looks like he’s wearing a bad fake moustache and beard made out of straw.
Arthur: The lack of symmetry of his beard plattings look ridiculous.


I think they should redo Nashgar. He looks a little blocky.

Agree - Arthur needs a new hairdresser… that beard!

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Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrenfeld !!!

He needs a big dose of creepy remover


Domitia’s symmetry and proportion failing face. They also could pick a better color scheme or shading style so she’s less cartoony+Garrish to look at

Aegir and Khiona — give them actual original art. Especially Khiona she looks so rough and rushed to me. Its like the artist didn’t even care

The second play is his ponytail. I think?!

Magni isn t correctly propotionnal … his head size is ridiculous and his clothes looks like … well … a thing … perhaps he could wash floor with it

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Drake tries to look tough, but ends up looking like he would need run to the toilet

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Possibly so, but if that’s intended to be a ponytail, then the point about needing the art redone still stands. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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well, then his ponytail is growing out of the side of his face - still needs a new hairdresser

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[redacted] because Robert L. May stated his [redacted] should be [redacted] [redacted] and [redacted].

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Definitely Zeline. She just like she fits more into some sort of a Hentai story. Always getting chills when I see her in the enemy’s roster.

Edit: This also goes for ATHENA, maybe even more!



Too much clothes :face_with_monocle:

I’ll show you something where artist didn’t care:
Proteus’ hand.


BAHAHAHAHA Good D4mn :rofl: :laughing: :rofl:

Do they think people dont care to view the full hero and tag line? The tag line is the first thing I look at when I get a new one

I think she’s an inuit/eskimo. She needs a lot of clothese :wink:

Not everyone can be unbothered by the cold like E&P’s Elsa :crazy_face:

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I agree about Gregorian - he doesn’t look real at all. Was disappointed in that - especially being hes usually on my team…

Nice catch EVIL @EvilSmoothie

THOSE EYES! I guess I get it… she is like a Human sized Fairy right? :crazy_face:

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