Hero data wont disappear after he is defeated [visual bug]

Game version: 29.0.1 build 743
Using latest iOS
After defeating any hero in raid and just when it “explode” and go click on it as if you want to check it stat for 1 second, the stat pop up will get stuck and wont be removed
Solution: check the stat of any other hero

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I’ve noticed this as an ongoing thing for a while now.

Not sure when I first noticed it but yeah.

Steps to reproduce is to be tap & holding for extra information on an enemy (or ally) when they die.

Doing this and the data square stays on the screen despite letting go of the tap & hold.

As in the OP, the “fix” is to bring up information on another enemy/ ally.


Yup same here noticed it a while ago but i wanted to know exactly how to reproduce it so it can be fixed


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