Hero customisation: from skins to skin and hair

Since new hero looks (skins) have been announced, I though it could be fun to customize the colour of our heroes’ hair (bald or helmet heroes would be exempt) and have the possibility to choose between different skin colours (or bone colours for Tyrum and Oberon).
Ideally, it would be better for the latter to modify facial features a bit accordingly for human heroes (as dolls manufacturers have learned at their expense). For orcs or lizard people, that probably will not be necessary.

I envision one possible problem: the combination of new skins and different hair/skin colour could make some heroes harder to recognize if not done carefully. In terms of ease to develop, different hair colours would likely be very easy to implement, different skin colours probably a little trickier (it is a touchy subject after all, better done right or not at all).

This change would of course be purely cosmetic. I know some people will ask: is it really necessary? The answer is that it absolutely is not, but I would enjoy the possibility nonetheless, and perhaps others would too.
As to the way to obtain the ability to do such customizations, it could be inherent to any hero, or to any maxed hero (in terms of levels, not class), or it could be distributed through the same channel as the yet-to-be-released new skins (I suppose, while not knowing which channel that is).

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