Hero Costumes Discussion

i think it makes sense the way it currently is. If SG made it such that you’d have to emblem the costume hero separately, you’re gonna have a LOT more complains about the lack of resources / money grabbing / etc.

As to why the costume heroes are different classes, i think that’s just because some classes are better suited for certain special skills / stats.

You’ll need to decide whether the costume is better or the regular. Sometimes the costume talents compliment the hero better, sometimes it’s worse.

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It would be nice for advanced players to have the option to use keys for the costume only at a reduced rate. I have almost all of the Season 1 heroes. I would like more pulls to get costumes for the 5* I have leveled and don’t really need the duplicate heroes. I would gladly take a 1-2 key discount per pull to get only the costume.

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