Hero Costumes Discussion


I sent you a discord message. Hopefully I’m understanding it now.

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I’ve deleted my previous posts so I won’t cause even more confusion for other players.

I do understand it now, thanks @ThePirateKing


I think that Anchor’s grades includes both of the costumed hero’s versions.

You can not level up the costume to the next stage when the normal hero is not levelled up? Useless rule…

It has to be that way, otherwise it would break the game. Increasing the ascension tier of a costume requires a lot fewer resources than increasing the ascension tier of an original hero. In particular, getting to the 4th tier of a 5* costume only requires 4 unfarmable 3* mats and no 4* mats (versus 4 unfarmable 3* ascension mats and 8 4* ascension mats for ascending a 5* hero to the last ascension). If you could ascend 5* heroes without requiring any 4* ascension mats (the primary gating mechanism in the game), long-time players could almost immediately have dozens of additional maxed 5* heroes.

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Lets talk about that, why cant you change the costume while that same hero is in tournament playing? Please dev’s, whos hero is it? Mine, yes… thsnk you, i rest my case

Not getting into this but counter argument to your “Who’s hero is it”

Who’s game is it?


I thought the special ascension for costumes was faster as well?
I’m levelling my first costumes. Especially my 3 stars are at full ascension only at level 4-5 as a special.
This is really quit annoying.
It’s very good that costumes level faster but that gets lost when you have to spoil heroes just to max the heroes special :frowning:

You still come out ahead in the end…

Even if your costume gets to final level & has 3/8 special & you feed 50 1* feeders to max the special after, you still spend less in feeders & hams.

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I have Rigard’s costume at 3/60 and his special is only 4/8.
It’s just luck, unfortunately.

Sometimes I can only use a single feeder on a hero for 1% or 2% and it levels the costume, othe times I can get it to 25% or more and it doesn’t level.

I’m a little fused. so I have Lianna leveled, she hits 512 dam. If I put Costume on
she will hit for 482 dam with -34 mana 3 turns for target. How is that

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In my humble opinion, when a hero is setup in the tournament, you can change f.e. going in ally war without the costume. Whats the point of locking up?

Confused? I hear you mate… could be usefull against a titan!

just tried to use a costumed Joon in a trial - nope, cannot do, he is locked in the war defense. I hoped that fixed that too, but apparently not. just like, they canceled out all the positive changes they did to costumes.
their team probably wasted a lot of time on costume design, skills, and all it comes down to is a glorified stats boost icon on the hero card.
mods, any idea if they will ever fix that? I really dont any reason to have it like that, other than a design flaw. having a hero locked in war or tournament defense doesnt stop us from using him anywhere else. why cant he don a costume too?

Just going to chuck in a sneaky cross-post:

I agree. Costumed heroes included in war and tournament defense should not be locked. There is no logic or reason for this. In wars, you can use the hero costumed or not only once so no logic here. In tournaments, the hero is locked for 4 days so i cannot utilize the full potential of the hero for 4 days (sonya and rigard for example). Again, no logic here also.


Any idea on which costumes will be featured this month?

Ahhh. That would be Kage and Ursena. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Was wondering the same thing. I think we’re to the point where there are only a couple that haven’t been featured, but I couldn’t find a list of the ones that have been so far. Vivica is one; I think she’s basically guaranteed to be featured this time. (I’ve been watching for that one, because I’d really love to have it, since I missed on Kunchen in January.) Not sure about the other.

Vivica, lianna, quintus and Elena are left.

I would be over the top is vivica and lianna feature together.