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The way I understand it, tiles hitting a defense count as half a tile of mana for each tile that hits. For cascades, the half tile value decreases a bit on a curve for each additional tiles that hit.

Then the defense gets a tile of mana at the end of the turn as well.

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@KLinMayhem, ahh okay :man_facepalming:
I have question, if no tiles hitting, for each turn the mana increase, are this apply to bonus %mana or not?

Ghosted tiles dont give any mana to defenses. Missed tiles from a blinded hero? I’m not sure.

Mana bonus really just affects the number of tiles needed to charge. So I believe the answer is yes.

@KLinMayhem, I still discuss in defense, there are no ghost tiles in defense correct?

The defense on each turn, if there are no hit tiles from offense, are the bonus % mana is apply and has advantage or not, that the question.

EDIT: well, okay now I’m out of topic… but costume has mana bonus. :grinning:

That’s right. There are threads on here that explain mana gain for defenses more in depth than here.

Okay, I will find out, thanks :grinning:

EDIT: Ok, have found it, and it has advantage.
New mana per turn calculation on defense? We investigate Vol 2

Missed tiles count like if they were ghosted.

But does it cause the hero on the defense to gain mana? That I don’t know.

No, only tiles, that hit the hero.

Somewhat annoyed that a hero with costume used in war defense is locked into that form until the war is over. We should be able to switch to whatever costume we like for raiding.


Omg I want that costume! My Boldtusk is sitting ar +18 (as well as Rigard). My biggest gripe with this game is lack of relatively accessible 5* healers, and the costumes would solve it, apparently. Also Vivica with her costume is probably the strongest healer now.

Some of classics are stronger in costumes that anything game offers though. Isarnia with maxed costume has base power of 793 and useful special to boot. Vivica is probably the strongest healer in the game and slightly faster than Kunch now.

Stronger doesn’t mean better. Ariel, LotL, MN, are much better healers. Even Kunchen is better than costumed Viv, because he has a very important innate ability. And doesn’t matter how much I love Isarnia, still cannot compare with the most special AoE heroes. To say a slow Isarnia is better than Zim, Zeline, or upcoming Vela and JF, would be blasphemy, though is stronger at stats.

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I think a few of the costumes look promising, but most don’t seem worth it, and the concept in general seems poorly executed. If you are late-mid stage or later FTP you will be very lucky to get one of the useful 5 star costumes that happen to match your 5 star hero. If you are a spender you a far more likely to get that costume (so much for FTP friendly), but in the end less likely to use it because you will have better event heroes or HoTM to spend resources on.

Hard for me to grasp why they did this the way they did other than $$, and even then I could come up with better ways that still give them $$ and better support the game as a whole.


Most of the customed heroes are very useful, a few ‘worse’ than the original version.

However, even if Chef Boldtusk a downgrade most of the time, I would thankfully take the stat and mana speed boost for the original hero in case I should ever draw him.

I fully agree with the second part of your statement. There should be more ways to get costumes without spending gems. It’s one of the major updates of this year and the vast majority of the player base are F2P and C2P players who cannot just throw out several 10x summons.

As for the hypothetical costumes for Atlantis heroes or (old) HotM: Contrary to most here, I wouldn’t mind and even welcome it as long as all players have a reasonable chance to get the base heroes (either TC upgrade or via Hero Academy). Also, if in future there are, say, 30 different 4* and 40 or more 5* costumes, we would definitely need more ways to get them apart from spending gems. Costumes for heroes locked behind the paywall, however, would further widen the gap between big payers and the rest for obvious reasons.


This thing with being locked at war or tournament, sucks big time. I couldn’t use my Li as monk today on my alt account because is in AW defense as rogue… And the trials are not the only problem here. For example, if I have Isarnia in tournament defense, I won’t be able to level her costume during the week. Fortunately, @zephyr1 said the costumes will can be levelled separately, with the next update. But still remains this problem with the trials, which are at the same time with the wars. Therefore we are forced to not use a version of the hero in wars, if we really need it for the trials. For one, I don’t have such problems and I have plenty of heroes, but there are a lots of players relying on a version or another. I wish the devs to make upgrades not only in the game, also to their own IQ level.


Agree with it being annoying that they’re locked

One small correction. You can still level the costume. Proof in this post:


I finally got my healer for this trial and I’m more than confident that I can win the last stage easily. Thanks to Boldtusk’s costume. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m sure this is expressed elsewhere but I still want to kvetch about it. You guys are greedy ***holes for putting costumes into summons. They should be craftable instead. Thanks for doing more to ruin the game instead of improve it. I’m taking a break soon, probably won’t come back cuz I’m tired of this.

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Got with my first free keys Sonya”s costume and maxed it. Already used it twice ( without emblems ) in raids against Grave and can say is quite useful- even though squishy- to have a fast cleanser in the strong colour.
Have been raided by a guy with new Elena at +12 - her stats are brutal and considering you can bring her to 10 tiles… is quite a difference. If I would have gotten Joon’s - would have maxed it immediately- would be funny Joon to revive multiple times :slight_smile:

All in all, think the costumes are a nice addition and can give even more flexibility and room for more strategy in managing roster. Obviously not ideal as quite expensive to pull for them - but you can go with 2-3 pulls ( quest and deal )per month and go with the flow - at least they are making some TC20 heroes much more relevant.


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