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Way faster. I maxed a Hawkmoon costume in two days, which is REALLY FAST for me as I don’t power level or plan for it.

Sounds good. I need to get it to the next ascension level, as it’s close, and I don’t want to waste the massive XP gain on that.

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Look at Joon for example, his special skill deals 415% damage to the target. The target gets -26% accuracy for 6 turns…
Now for his costume, his special skill deals 435% damage to the target. The target gets -21% accuracy for 4 turns…
The first one is called Solar Beam, and the 2nd is called Solar Strike. I do stand corrected in that they are different because they were given different names, but they are essentially the same skill, only differing levels of proficiency in different areas. That is what I call lazy work. Do something more than shuffle numbers around if you’re going to give it a different name and pass it off as a “new” skill.

The other one I got was Sonya’s, and hers is better. They both do 310% damage, but the original is a debuffer, while the new dispels status ailments. I definitely welcome that change as that isn’t very common in the originals.

That seems to be common in a few of them. Brienne’s goes from buffing your heroes, to lowering your opponents defense. While that may look like they have the same ultimate effect in Brienne’s case, they don’t. Again, it is a different skill than the original.

At least with Sonya’s you get something that is quite different. I will def use Sony’s, but I’m not sure about Joon’s.


There is a mana speed bonus. I think it is capped off at 5% in the 4th ascension level. Here is what the main article says:
Maxed out Costume will give both the original Hero and the Costume a stat boost:

+5% Attack
+5% Defense
+10% HP
+5% Mana Generation
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If you are referring to trials, of course you can use the new class hero (am folosit-o pe Li Xiu astazi, ca si rogue). About sorcerer, I’m in the same situation. Only with Sabina there was no good. I got Isarnia costume too, which brings some firepower for us :smile:

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The costume update is a big failure! 1 costume can be share by all common heroes. But when you draw 10 draw, you keep getting repeated rubbish 3* costume, what’s the point ? This shows that small giants team is only into draw players paying unnecessary money. My teams and I play many other games, most of my friends all agree that if this is the trend of this games, many players will soon leave the game. The better way is to have the costume put in store and let players buy what they need. You can charge higher for legendary, at least players don’t have to have full wardrobe of rubbish costumes ! In life will anyone buy the same shirt 10 times ! It’s all right that small giant make money with a good games, but this update is like cheating players !


Gunnar is now a 3* Wilbur. much better than his existing Special. Great for tourneys and 3* Events!


Half of a Wilbur.
You either have your team or enemie team that is influenced.
So you would need two of them to make it into a mini Wilbur :wink:

Has anyone noticed that we are starting over with costumes … first heroes CT 20 … then heroes of the month … after Atlantis … events …

We spend money 2 times on the same hero … food iron etc etc …My god get me out of this movie


Good riddance then and stop spamming!

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Maybe Kailini and and costumed Gunnar


It doesn’t make sense to me to call for HotM to be added to costume pulls, but it does make sense to have a reduced cost, as you’re not buying the (chance at pulling the) whole hero, just an upgrade. Sure the mat costs are cheaper, but I think the pull cost should be cheaper too. 150 gems? Not more than 200 anyway.

As for 10x summons, seeing that only a dozen or so costumes are currently available, I’d have thought that duplicates were pretty much inevitable. Personally I plan to stick to summoning with keys for the next couple of months at least (though I did buy the offer, if that’s not cheating; used the keys, banked the gems for forthcoming events). Really, duplicate costumes are just like duplicate heroes: expensive food. They’re not nothing, but they’re not all that great value. So I suggest people dial down on the big pulls for now, and see how it all goes.


To avoid accidentally selecting Hawkmoon’s costume while I leveled it, I put it on my second Hawmoon who is Level 1 and unascended. When I got the costume to level 30, it told me I could not Ascend it past what the hero wearing the costume was at. I removed the costume and put it on my fully ascended Hawkmoon, but the costume then is back at level one. If I put it on the onleveled Hawkmoon, it’s back at level 30. This was discovered at 15:00EST in the United States

First please remove your ID# NOW
You can only ascend the costume if the original hero is ascended, it is the way it its designed
Also you can read this topic


Ah, thanks for the reply. It made sense why I could’t ascend the costume past the hero using it, but needing to level it again for each hero seemed counter intuitive/tedious. I’ve also removed the account info. Thanks again.


I’ve been having fun with my +14 Sonya now that I maxed her costume. Other than the first major split at 8 being completely goobered, the difference between druid/Paladin isn’t that severe.

It’s weird having a fast, sniping cleanser…

Edit: new Sonya is so sweet. Uber happy with my pull there. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Since you didn’t read between the lines, I’m saying there are many who actually like the costume, and we don’t want it changed. How about our feelings? Or does your feelings outweigh ours?


Your numbers are a bit slightly off, perhaps because you’re not comparing maxed heroes but I like the idea that there are only little and subtle differences instead of completely different heroes. It’s just enough to make you think which version is more appropriate for each situation.

For example:

Original Joon (with the costume bonus) will have slightly higher attack stat, and a slightly stronger blind special that lasts two more turns.

Costume Joon will have a stronger direct damage special (488% instead of 468%) which will make it one of the best snipers in the game.

The way I see it, the original will be better against the titan where direct damage is less relevant and where the blind special will last the full six turns and that extra 5% accuracy down makes a ton of difference considering how hard a titan hits.

However, the costume version will be better in PvP raids where the extra direct damage becomes significant and where the last 2 turns of the blind special are usually unnecessary because the opponent is dead or the special has been dispelled.

Nothing major, you won’t really go wrong with either one, but just one extra consideration when picking a team.


I’m sorry your feelings got hurt. All better now?

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