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If I have a fully levelled costume, does the 5% mana bonus still apply if I choose not to wear the costume?

Check the FAQs for costumes. Answer is yes… It’s a PERMANENT bonus.

Reading through this thread, seems there’s a lot of confusion on how costumes actually work… Having the costume unlocks the ability to level your hero with the costume on, you don’t really level the costume per sa. So if you have 4 maxed rigards, get one rigard costume, you can now use that costume on each rigard, but you have to level each one of them to get the bonuses that come from having the costume.

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Think of the costume as a master pattern. You create an outfit from that master pattern for each of your heroes. Each outfit is separate, just as each hero is separate, but you only need one master pattern to create it from.


I wander what will be the use of those duplicate costume. Maybe a costume academy to transmute one costume to another?

Fodder :stuck_out_tongue:

It gives bigggg ExP bonuses.

Check here:


I think they just need to add a healer to ranger class.
Good for trials.


Yes, it is an improvement, but that was never in question. The bonus was never in question either, so why say that nobody forces me to wear the costume (although I do plan on it, after I finally get around to leveling them up)?

Actually what I said is true. The “lazy” part is my opinion (I’ll give you that), but it is a lie for them to say that every hero get new special skills, when some of them did not get new skills. Slightly changing the number values does not make it a new skill, as the skill is the same but with different values. If that did count as getting a new special skill, then every time your heroes level up their special skill, they would be getting a new special skill, because the values would be changing. That would be ridiculous, no one would ever make that claim.
Thanks for the confirmation on the leveling cost of the costumes. I had not given up on them, but was mildly skeptical. I am still working on leveling up my other heroes, so I was not planning on working on the costumes for a while. So again, thanks.

I already knew this as I read the other post a few times (plus I thought it a bit obvious, as the hero has the symbol showing the bonus, not just the costume), but thanks for reminding us. I am sure someone reading this will see that info for the first time.

I may read it again, however it did not address my two main issues (pretty much only issues), i.e. what the leveling cost/requirements would be, and it also deceitfully said that all heroes would get new skills, but I already mentioned that.

I have Isarnia’s costume almost at full and now with class quest she hasn’t been automatically included in attack team until I switched her in costume.

I believe its a good idea that when these events come in, the game should switch a hero with costume for that quest.

My luck was that Isarnia’s costume is the only 5* sorcerer and i did remembered in the last second.

Any thoughts about this?

I got 2 costumes total, as I spent nothing. They are identical. I’m thinking I should use 1 to level the other one and get a 50% chance of special increase, rather than wait until after max level for a 100% increase.

Are others pretty much of the same mind?

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Yes. Done that.

You can always level it like how you level normal heroes only faster.

Way faster. I maxed a Hawkmoon costume in two days, which is REALLY FAST for me as I don’t power level or plan for it.

Sounds good. I need to get it to the next ascension level, as it’s close, and I don’t want to waste the massive XP gain on that.

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Look at Joon for example, his special skill deals 415% damage to the target. The target gets -26% accuracy for 6 turns…
Now for his costume, his special skill deals 435% damage to the target. The target gets -21% accuracy for 4 turns…
The first one is called Solar Beam, and the 2nd is called Solar Strike. I do stand corrected in that they are different because they were given different names, but they are essentially the same skill, only differing levels of proficiency in different areas. That is what I call lazy work. Do something more than shuffle numbers around if you’re going to give it a different name and pass it off as a “new” skill.

The other one I got was Sonya’s, and hers is better. They both do 310% damage, but the original is a debuffer, while the new dispels status ailments. I definitely welcome that change as that isn’t very common in the originals.

That seems to be common in a few of them. Brienne’s goes from buffing your heroes, to lowering your opponents defense. While that may look like they have the same ultimate effect in Brienne’s case, they don’t. Again, it is a different skill than the original.

At least with Sonya’s you get something that is quite different. I will def use Sony’s, but I’m not sure about Joon’s.


There is a mana speed bonus. I think it is capped off at 5% in the 4th ascension level. Here is what the main article says:
Maxed out Costume will give both the original Hero and the Costume a stat boost:

+5% Attack
+5% Defense
+10% HP
+5% Mana Generation
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If you are referring to trials, of course you can use the new class hero (am folosit-o pe Li Xiu astazi, ca si rogue). About sorcerer, I’m in the same situation. Only with Sabina there was no good. I got Isarnia costume too, which brings some firepower for us :smile:

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The costume update is a big failure! 1 costume can be share by all common heroes. But when you draw 10 draw, you keep getting repeated rubbish 3* costume, what’s the point ? This shows that small giants team is only into draw players paying unnecessary money. My teams and I play many other games, most of my friends all agree that if this is the trend of this games, many players will soon leave the game. The better way is to have the costume put in store and let players buy what they need. You can charge higher for legendary, at least players don’t have to have full wardrobe of rubbish costumes ! In life will anyone buy the same shirt 10 times ! It’s all right that small giant make money with a good games, but this update is like cheating players !


Gunnar is now a 3* Wilbur. much better than his existing Special. Great for tourneys and 3* Events!


Half of a Wilbur.
You either have your team or enemie team that is influenced.
So you would need two of them to make it into a mini Wilbur :wink:

Has anyone noticed that we are starting over with costumes … first heroes CT 20 … then heroes of the month … after Atlantis … events …

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