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From what I can see, base stats boost on Ascension.

I drew Mel’s costume and checked back and forth as I leveled it to 3 (so far). It is rather cheap on the whole to do so, and the boosted stats are nice.

The stealth Mana increase is the gold in this thing, though, imo. Stick a Mana troop at 11 on a fully leveled hero with costume and it’s a 14% Mana bonus…which I believe makes him charge in 9.

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Are you thinking it would just be discussion, or that it would have things like carpet bombing/item nuking calculations like the Class Trials guides have?

Is the mana boost given when the costume is maxed? That does seem like a nice perk. I got the Rigard costume which gives some cool flexibility to him, plus the stat boost on such a usable character is great!

Which heroes do you think got the most benefit from these skins? Which ones got the best upgrades and may see more use than normal?

At the moment, Tiburtus, Li, Vivica, Richard, and Quintus all seem to have improved vastly

Gonna have to disagree with this [that unleveled costumes give a stat boost].

Just tried with my Max Sonya and Unleveled costume.
Pre battle stats Att:290, Def:342, HP:472
Used 4* Mana Troop with Att+22% and Def+14%.
In battle stats Att:353, Def:389, HP:472.
Those are the stat boosts from the 4* Troop, there are no additional boosts from the unleveled costume.

Yeah, you are correct :slight_smile:

Got a little ahead of myself. See this thread for a comparison of Vanilla (no costume) to Costumed:

As I stated in the original costume post! I would reserve my opinion on this costumes update until it actually came out so here it is.

Firstly I like to say thank you to SG for the free 5 keys in our mailbag, it was very much appreciated.

As for the update it’s self I think although it is a nice touch to adding a new feature in the game for those that are at such high levels with massive rosters who are getting bored with the same old daily grind.
I see this more as a fun feature to be able to use than a strategic game playing feature and a reason to now level up duplicate heroes which up till now had no real reason to do.

The quest it’s self is great as my main acc completed it but my alt didn’t get through the last stage yet so I see this as a doable quest for f2p offering them an option to grind down a few keys every month.
I do feel these keys should be obtainable from other sources/rewards though but being so little in numbers ATM I do understand the current working and can only hope they will be expanded to other rewards in the future as the amount of costumes grow in numbers.

As I am sure duplicates will start appearing I also hope they will find a way to use them rather sooner than later and not wait 2 to 3 yrs to do something about it. Even if they allowed them to be used as a feeder to level same costumed hero like for troops would be better than nothing and them sitting idiol.

The costumes look great although as a chef myself I question BoldTusks outfit using a frying pan as his choice of weapon,lol, where we turn more towards rolling pins to attack on comers,lol.

I feel this feature would be better suited twice a month but again hoping this might become so once the number of costumes increases in the future. Even if they only add 2 or 3 new costumes a month it will eventually make this appealing down the track.

All in all more a fun feature to play around with for a laugh than anything else really and I congratulate SG for the hard work and efforts put into this new game feature.



I tried searching for this info, but what is unclear to me is if the costume should be matched with a fully ascended hero to get the stat bonuses. Meaning, I have a Rigard at 1/1. If I max out his costume, would it be the same as if I had done the same to a Rigard at 4/70.

You can use costumes to level up another costume. It’s stated on the costume in your inventory. I pulled a Joon costume but I don’t have Joon, so when I tapped on the costume in my inventory I read it in the description.

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I missed that read, cheers

I’m not reading through 575+ posts but um I thought the whole idea with costumes was that they retained their level when moved between duplicate heroes…

I pulled Li Xiu’s masterful costume (extreme sarcasm here) and an alliance member had a question so I ran a quick test…

Li Xiu 4/41
Li Xiu 1/1

Put costume onto 4/41 Li Xiu and leveled it to 1/4. Pulled it off 4/41 and tossed it onto my 1/1. Wanna guess the result? You’re dead wrong if you think it was 1/4 on a 1/1 Li Xiu. The costume reset to 1/1.

I then took the costume off the 1/1 Li Xiu and tossed it back on the 4/41 Li Xiu. Costume was back to 1/4.

That totally blows chunks folks. You wanna move it, be prepared to level it multiple times.

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I don’t hate it. I actually, quite surprisingly, like it? Yeah. I like these things. It’s hella easy to level the costume. Less feeders. Less food. I fully leveled Hawkoon’s costume in little time. Hawkmoon was my test subject.

As much as I hate to admit it, I used gems and pulled Skittles/Candy Witch costume. And as much as I didn’t want this to be the case, I will likely use some gems on costumes in the future.

(the only downside, my wife pulled Groot’s costume, she don’t have him… and surprisingly I didn’t get any costume for heroes I didn’t have.)

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It’s not as bad as it first appears (because they have far lower leveling requirements), but yeah it does suck.

For what it’s worth, I thought I was being clever by using my duplicate 3/60 heroes to level the costumes before I realized that. I didn’t get very far, but it was annoying to discover that. So I have to be careful with my mainline emblemed heroes because if I go in with an underleveled costume, that’ll result in bad times for Edd.

Yeah, it’s SUPPOSED to be fun. But the developers just keep finding pathetic ways to boost their bank accounts. These costumes are just another way to trick 1k people into spending $3 for the deal. Every release, for months now, has made it less enjoyable for the F2P population.

I find it really funny how Melendor looks like Gandalf in his costume. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I completely agree that the developers have several more important things that they should be working on. This game is becoming far less enjoyable for the F2P members. Enough with the greed! I’ve had 1/3 of my screen occupied by “deals” for most of 2 months now.

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Wow costumes can’t be moved? That is really sad.

Oh they can be moved, just not the leveling that you did.

And that’s BS.

Yes it worked as it is.
Each dup hero or 3x or 4x,…etc can use with only 1 custome, but each hero must be leveling seperately, this already mention in beta discussion.

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I bought the $6 of gems and keys. Got my 5 free keys. GOT THREE FREAKING BANE COSTUMES.

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