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Oh, thank you! I didn’t get any on the first round.

@TechnoTigger - Thank you for the response. And as @Quinn3 have pointed out, the first run of the Masquerade Chambers actually only contained the costumes, but not the copy of the hero they were for, and this unfortunately upset quite a bit of people who do not already have the hero (especially if they managed to get a 5* costume), what was even more upsetting to them was that after the Costumes Chambers came back and the heroes now come with the costumes, they were not compensated with a copy of the hero that they had costumes for, from the devs it was because the odds to draw a 5* costume during the first run was higher than they are now.

So for me, my summoning luck is typically not really good, during the first costumes event I got Skittleskull and Bane (I got a duplicate Bane costume that I fed to itself) of which I kept copies of and they all happened to be maxed so it didn’t take much more time get them maxed out and use as stat boost.

I am actually looking forward to see what the upcoming second batch of costumes and eventually the rest of the S1 costumes will look like when they are released. My hope is that I would eventually get an Isarnia costume, because she’s my favorite heroine in the game.

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with the Tavern of Legend coming, these costumes are making more sense beside just a power buff. There are some questionable S1 hero’s that with the buff from completely leveling the costume are nor respectable. Also having two copies of a costumed hero will be advantageous just think of Sonya: debuff in one and a cleaner in the other. When used once it gone but if you have two u have a refill. So think hard before you dum. ToL does change the mindset. Just like adding 3&4* tourney change the idea of a what to keep and what to feed.

I’m not sure if this has been brought up in this thread because I didn’t read the 1000 posts, but I would like to see a “costume only” option added back in to the costume summons with higher odds for the 4 and 5 star costumes and no chance at getting the HotM. I get why people want the hero with the costume, but I already have those heroes - spent the money to get them, earned tokens for them through play, and worked to get my TC20’s up and running.

If the intent of costumes was to bridge the gap between the original heroes and the new ones, what good does it do me to get the original hero and then have normal odds to get the costume with the same hero again? I might as well try for a S3 or Atlantis hero.

Right now, I spend much less on costumes than I would if I had increased costumes odds like the 1st summons last November. And F2P/C2P players would benefit as well. They could get the hero from the TC20 and have the choice of increased costume odds from the costume only summons option, making that hero more powerful.

Having both options would make the Costume Event more relevant to classic hero owners while still giving a chance for those heroes to those who don’t have them.


No Telluria costume? She needs a buff.


I don’t think they even tought about shortening the gap between core heroes and premium ones by releasing costumes, I mean… costumes are premium heroes themselves.

However, today I wrote a suggestion so I’m gonna post the link here, feels free to comment/vote if you want :slight_smile: [Suggestion] Overhaul of core heroes' system

What do you guys think about richard with costum bonus as a tank? Other heroes near him: elkanen/atomos, mitshuko, seshat, joon

Please search #wutankclan for a new concept on Wu Kong’s costume in Round 3

Definitely gd as a tank

Sturdy, hits hard, and causes atk down

He is good but since Mitsuko was popularized by Tell/Vela combo, I’m hesitant to use a blue direct hitter tank like Richard. I’d rather use Aegir and that’s it.

Hi everyone. Not gonna open a new topic for that :slight_smile:

I’ve joined the game begnining of April and really enjoy it. Like everyone, I’ve got some doubles, bad boards, hellish cascades, burst of lucks and so.

However, I really wonder if there is an issue with my account when in comes to costumes. So far I have drawn 6 costumes. 2 in April and 3 in May and June.
Here are my results
April Gunnar and Gunnar => at that time, the number of costumes was low so no issu with that.
May : Berden, Gunnar. In that order
June : Berden, Gunnar. In that order.

The odds of this happening seems to be quite law right ? Hence my inquiry…is that even possible that my account is having issue on this specific event or am I just a complete luckless costume drawer ?

Thanks for your answer, and keep up with the great game :slight_smile:

Welcome to the world of randomness. If you search for “not random” you’ll find plenty of topics like yours.
Your case is unlucky but not impossible or unique. And, nothing wrong is with your account, except for a bad period of random numbers generation, when lots of duplicates come.

Yeah right now the odds of this happening is in the one out of 10 000 magnitude, bad luck but still possible givven the number of players and pulls. Is I still get the same rolls for Costumes next months thought, it will start to be worrysome…

The worse was 5 Gunnars and 4 Briennes over the last 3 months. And two Skittleskull. No 5* at all. Briennes is kinda obselete once I got By-Ulf maxed.
The only usefull heroes were C Rigard and C Tibs. No pull for me anymore. I have plenty other heroes to level.

As it was observed and discussed on the forum most likely every summon happens in 3 steps:

Each step requires a random number from a small range: 1…3, 1…5, 1…?
So a chance of getting a duplicate is high.

Oh you have a color roll before character ! Interesting…I did the calculation with only 2 steps : rarity then character.

Thanks for the insight :slight_smile:

Hi @Nekote,

Understand your pain…

Just received 2x Bane this event, making 7x Bane costumes.

Also have 8x of Gunnar, Hawkmoon and Brienne. :frowning_face:

Only had 1x Berden though. :wink:

Also @Blord. Only 5? :smile:

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Jean-F is in need of one too :wink: But no new costumes in the June event :sob:

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It is not the insight. It is a guess from a regular player.

A bit grumpy. I cannot be too sad about not getting the 5s I want (Lianna, Magni, Sartana and pretty please Joon), I know the odds. BUT I am still chasing C. Rigard since the first chamber. Still nothing from circa 25 pulls this time around either. I now have all other 4* costumes and all but two 3* costumes.

Did however get a third Kadilen in a month and at last a costumed Sonya which is ok.

Does anyone use C. Kadilen? The green 5* I have maxed are Lianna and Heimdall. Unleveled are Kadilen, Morgan le Fey and Chameleon. I am leaning towards Kadilen to get some more dmg going, but she’s obviously not the best for that

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