Hero costume equip issue

It won’t let me unequip the hawk moon costume. And bane says it’s equipped but it’s not.

Click on Equip or Equipped to change the selection as you wish. If your hero happens to be in your raid tournament defense, it is locked in the state it is in that defense for the duration of the tournament (same goes with wars).


I already did that. They’re not in the tournament.

Bane is tellin u his base version is equipped

Go to costume, click equip…

Hawkmoon same but in reverse

Go to base version, click equip

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I’ve already clicked equipped equip unlocked relocked, logged out and back in. I don’t want to use the costumes at the moment as I have other heroes I need to focus on

I have exact same problem with Bane. Say EQUIPPED but shows original outfit. Same issue with Gunnar.

Have a look at this thread. Specifically question 1.

I have 0 issues with any of my costumes (8x) using the steps I outlined.

@ACD & @Renz


The issue seems to be costume specific. I have problem with Bane and Gunnar while Brienne is fine.

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Thank you for making me not feel crazy! Lol like I’ve already said twice before, and like the picture shows… I have hit the toggle to equip, after I clicked the question mark in top right corner to bring up the hero cards, I can’t take hawkmoons off. The picture shows I have clicked it off, but there she is in my lineup in the next pic with the costume on. And there’s Bane in the pictures all confused and stuff too. Please stop telling me to click the button, I’m not an idiot.

I just checked with my bane, brianne, hawkmoon and Gunnar costumes.

All working fine…?

so you have the hero in multiple teams? When you say you click the button does it give a second prompt button? Cause you have to accept that prompt too.

Its finally is off. Lol I swear I pushed both options over 20 times.

Video instruction video.

@ACD and @Renz

Edit #2 - updated with better quality

I just toggled between EQUIPPED and EQUIP several times and it finally fixed to show the new costume for EQUIPPED.

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I looked at a Gunnar I had before I got the Gunnar costume. It immediately switched to show the costume and I cannot get it off. For both EQUIPPED and EQUIP showing costume.

Just so people aren’t getting confused and think there’s a bug…LOL

Actually, your picture shows you have the costume on. It is a picture of the original Hawkmoon card giving you the option to equip the original Hawkmoon…because you are wearing the costume. :rofl:

Your picture shows Bane is original Bane, and costume Bane is not equipped, as confirmed by the picture of your roster. :sweat_smile:

So the “Solution” in this thread is not the solution at all, so I think that needs to be fixed. The solution is not to button mash EQUIP and EQUIPPED buttons til you final get it

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I had to read this thread a couple times trying to figure out what was wrong. It’s just misinterpretation of the UI. I laughed so hard.

Glad this makes you laugh. I actually find it very frustrating. The assumption that those that are seeing this problem don’t understand the UI is actually laughable. Some heros are fine and some will not change costumes.

I not laughing at anyone. I’m laughing at the thread because I had to read it a couple times.

Also, it IS misinterpretation of the UI based on the OP pictures and the way she described them…saying the picture shows costume it is not on even though it shows it clearly is etc etc.

The images are showing an error in the UI. The picture with the standard Bane says EQUIPPED at the bottom. This should be showing the new costume.

If you are on the standard Bane card, and it says EQUIPPED, that means standard Bane is equipped, not the costume, and this is proven in the picture of her roster.

So then what does EQUIP mean to you as that is the other option?

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