Hero & Costume counting separately during Clan Wars

I think what was done in the tower events is beautiful and fair.
The hero and his costume must be counted separately.
I would like that same thought to be applied in clan wars.

We are well aware that beginning players have very few heroes and resources, so allowing
the player hero attack and costume attack count separately would give a better expectation of competitiveness. Especially if we consider the emblems and Limit breaking.

It can take several months for a player to acquire 6 epic teams.
It gets even more problematic if we think about the time it takes to get 6 legendary teams.

I have been playing for 4 years actively and still don’t have 6 legendary teams.

Meanwhile, players who shell out generous amounts of money get 6 legendary teams in the blink of an eye. We must thank the paying players because they are the ones who provide the conditions to keep the game going with constant updates.

Unfortunately, not everyone has favorable financial conditions.
Therefore, this type of intervention is necessary.

The formula is simple:
Justice + Competitiveness = Fun

I hope you like the suggestion, thanks for your attention!

And for those interested, this is my progress so far:


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