Hero concept


It’s designed opposite of Owl. Owl is good for side support, this one is good for center position. So, yeah, that’s why it’s backwards I guess.


Nerfed her a bit.

New cards (illustration belongs to Genzoman):


Good tank that Poséidon :smile:


I supposed so. Helios is, too, I guess. His debuff is really weakening the enemies.

I would want me a Totomoro, too. These are mostly passive heroes btw, but they look awesome. I hope there will be some like them. :grin:


Or mobile strike. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Some good ideas here. Poseidon has the most useable design IMO.


Thanks. I think him, Uranus, and Totomoro are all solid. Imagine having blinded almost permanently event without damage taken. Uranus has a great attack debuff too.


Kay… This one is a new concept: extra damage depending on the HP left on the target(s).

Credit for the illustration belongs genzoman.
As usual, just goofing ignore the name. :stuck_out_tongue:

So Tera… basically she is average mana, semi-AOE, and deals 180%… Sounds lame. Or is she???

She also gives +0.1% damage for every 1 HP each enemy has left.

So say… An enemy still has 1100 HP, that would be a bonus of 1.1x.

Which give us a total of 180% + 198%.

378% to one of three enemies is insane. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention the mana drains. Oh this one gotta be good. (maybe should change the mana drain to one target only)


Uranus’s special should be named “Kick Uranus”.



I read the card differently, which comes up with a more reasonable number. Your approach seems both OP and UP. Suppose you fire at nearly dead foes, with say 100 HP. Then the attack would scale down to a 180% * 0.1 = 18% hit, which might give 1 or 2 HP of damage. Yikes!

Suppose we treat it as an adder instead.

The enemy has 1100 HP, so there’s an increase in the damage of 110 percentage points, taking the 180% up to 290%. That’s a Ramming Pulverizer size hit, but on all three, so plenty hard. Then the mana drain is a very nice bonus. Against a depleted foe, you still get the 180% hit plus a little, which will finish them off.



No, it’s not 18%. When you hit an enemy with 100 HP, you fire 180% + 18% = 198%. Not that under powered considering the enemies will be dead anyway with 198% hit with only 100 HP left. As worst as you can get is 180% damage ofc (but it wouldn’t be possible), not 18%.

The percentage is coming from the original damage board because the original 180% is fixed. That number deals damage first and foremost, but there IS an adder (notice the “+” sign) because you add X percentage of that damage to well, that damage.

So very similar with yours but your calculation is based on 100% damage. I use the original board damage which is 180%.

It can be considered OP against enemies with high HP left, but with average mana, it will most likely fire on enemies with 800-1000 HP left. Say the HP is 900, that brings us the addition of 0.9*180% + 180% = 342%. Considering average mana, might not probably that OP. Also, the high damage on high HP enemies is somehow a compensation for the lower damage it would deal on medium/low HPs.

The only thing I have in mind to prevent her from being OP is, lowering the damage board OR changing the mana drains to a single target.

(The first part is multiplication based on enemies’ HP, the second part is that that number is an adder.)


This with spiritual link would be OP


Exactly. :wink: But that can also be said to almost every 5* semi-AOE skills.


Just realized that +% damage per 1 HP would not work on Titan, bosses. lmao. Going to change it to %HP.


Illustration by genzoman.

Changed the HP reference to %HP.

A new hero. She buffs a raw number of attack. Notice that the +attack is not in percentage.

Direct skill is fired first, attack buff is only after the damage is dealt, unless when the buff is still active from previous rotation, which would be OP, but it would be a rare occasion considering the 4 turn buff and average mana.


Cool ideas. Interesting to scroll through and see.

Your diamond heroes made me think that it sure would be cool if there were some defense heroes that had some negative effects on your opponent’s boards.

For example, some heroes might:

-turn a certain amount of gems on the board to unusable stones for 2-3 turns.

-gem damage of a particular color is reduced by 100% for 3 turns. Mana is still gained.

-gem damage of a particular color (or maybe all colors?) heals instead, for 3 turns. Mana is still gained.

-each gem “activated” reduces the defense & attack of the opponent’s team (the activator) by 3% (cumulative effect), for 3 turns.



Usually, gems on defense equal to normal attack on offense. So it’s possible to make up something like… -5% attack everytime the enemies do normal attack (also means gems activating).

Nice ideas. I’m going to make a concept based on that that can be applied on pvp/pve equally.


And this is how I imagine the hero will look like …

The graphic of each character is is free for personal use. Contact me if you can make the card.


Awesome man, can’t wait to see!

The thought of using gems as the trigger would also affect stacked colors. I think it would add an interesting dynamic to the game.

For example, if someone attacked with 3 purple heroes, normally that gem would “stack” purple damage. In this case, if purple gems are reduced by 100%, that means stacking purple becomes pointless for those three turns (as all the gem damage from the heroes is negated).

Not sure 100% is the right value, but I like the concept.


Oh wow! Nice graphics. @Tough_E_Nough I can make the card. Maybe email me? Or attach them here.