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So, I was bored and it came across my mind to have a hero that can generate an asterisk jewel on the board. It would be interesting on attack team. What do you think? Too OP? :stuck_out_tongue:

Credit: Jaina by dandonfuga @deviantart


So I made a whole group of these concept heroes. (The characters illustrarion are not mine. I’ve mentioned the credits.)

The 5 stars:

  1. Ice: Corianne
    She will be good at titan and events, I guess. Not quite useful in raid defense maybe but the likely permanent heal could be OP, but she’ll definitely be awesome at raid offense.

  2. Green: Eva
    I’d think that 420 damage for 3 enemies per skill is quite decent. She also has Aeron’s skill only without the heal, but with wider range. Good stats for defense.

  3. Dark: Melovene
    It’s time to make it easier to kill Guinevere and with very fast mana, Melovene will likely cast her skill first. Her attack skill ignores all enemies’ buff defense, counter, etc. The skill also introduces a new concept where the target will not get any effect from buffs (the ones with specific icons on the character). So, heal over turns will just not work. Element Link gives 20% mana taken by Gui back, although in 4 turns.

The 4 stars:
4. Holy: Nian Zhen
She will debuff you crazily, but she will gamble on it! So, basically Wu Kong, but a debuff. Not sure how this is going to work.

  1. Fire: Elysse
    The first healer in the game with fast mana. Only heals nearby allies, but she also got a new kind of buff: +20% damage. So, if you damage raw 420, the target will get +84 right after that. Only to Nature enemies.

Do you have any hero concept? Let’s hear it!


Not too OP, but maybe too undressed. :grin:

I like her, she’s pretty.


It’s a nice idea, but I think you should let it go, let it go…


LOL. :smiley:

I wonder anyway what we could change from that to make her a bit/much better. I wonder if the asterisk regeneration could possibly allow her to cast skill pretty continuously.

I didn’t see it coming! LOL.

While I’m mining that seam…

Alternative special abilities:

Do you Want to Build a Snowman - target cannot fire special or gain mana for 5 turns

Bit of a Fixer-upper - heals allies

Conceal, Don’t Feel - immune to special attacks for 5 turns

Mental Synchronization - player can choose which ally or enemy will be affected by an enemies special.

People Smell Better than Reindeer - player gets 50% extra lute when farming


Ohh that’s good. Something like provoking the enemies special to the caster (tank type one) would be great too.

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I would say definitely too OP lol. If you remove damage to all and the attack/def buff for allies I would still say she’s pretty strong. With just making a blue diamond and increased ice damage to enemies she would be perfect for titans, decent for raid attack, awesome for events, just bad at raid defense.


I’d like a lute - but couldn’t play it whilst playing the game, not enough hands :joy:

And that rings true, in all except you…



I included the defense and attack buff for the raid defense role, but maybe it is too OP.

I like the idea of such a special.

Does she shop with Zeline ?


It’s sad that it looks better looking and interesting of the real new heroes.

How much work did it take?


Illustration belongs to dandonfuga @deviantart.

Btw, this is the less OP version. Damage targeted to single enemy, changed from all enemies. Buffs are now self-buffs.

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I know the character is already a fanart modeled after a WoW character (which I did not play), but this is I believe the first time I’ve seen a full hero card made to go with stats and special abilities discussed. Very interesting.

Eh… No one game character is too under-dressed when you have Ivy Valentine running around. In fact there is some vibes with the facial expression and attire theme that resembles Ivy. Er, don’t Google up if you are at work, it might open up a can of worms.


aah ehem…cough cough zeline?

You read my mind. :grin:

I thought making a real card would make the proposal much more imaginable, which I believe what happened here. Also, it just got too interesting special skill, which if ever implemented, would have a very interesting role in the game.

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Previous card was much more in E&P style.

This one looks more like a black metal Cd cover.

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Hahah. I was aware. I’m going to change it.

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