Hero Concept - Tazmanian Devil

I think that it would be kind of a fun special to include something that would affect the board.

Like… i dunno… Create one like this:

Tazmanian Devil, Five Star
Attack 766
Def 700
HP 1350

8/8 Special: Does 100% Damage to all opponents, Boost all heroes mana by 20%, reshuffles board, lowers enemy attack by 20%

Sounds silly, but it feels like the next progression of hero specials would be to affect the board.

And how about rearranging the formation?

I’d love that as a power… Go sit in the corner, Guinevere, I’ll throw all these red tiles at Zeline please :slight_smile:


Also super cool for titans

That’d be cool, but I can imagine players wouldn’t like their defenses messed up.

I think it might also be cool to have a hero that had an % chance at a random Gem, in addition to 450% damage like a Greg/alaise, etc

So it would fire off every time of a random colour?
I can see that being fun.
And it would be risky for stacked teams because it could be all mana-charging misses

I think there still has to be a bit of RNG to it, otherwise it could get OP very quickly. I’m trying to think of the most ‘realistic’ hero combo without imbalance to the game… something different while still keeping it fun.

I mean, if (for example) you had a Boldtusk-like character with an attack buff and heal, but with a % chance to create Red gems, that could be very unbalancing.

I can also see “Reflect” heroes being introduced, so (conversely) I could also see a ‘balancing penalty’ of giving an opponent a chance to reflect “Red” (or the color of the hero that creates Gems)

How would this work on defense? Reshuffling the board almost always benefits the offense.

Well there are just some heroes that just aren’t very good for Defense. You would still have the attack of 100%, mana boost of 20% and attack debuff of 20%. That’s still pretty respectable.