Hero concept/idea

The game could use a voodoo sand priest who’s special afflicts each member of the opposing team with a random debuff. Blind, confuse, mana freeze, defence down, attack down. When the special activates RNG quantum calculations randomly decide who gets what nasty surprise. This lasts for 3 turns and cannot be dispelled. Average or slow mana to keep it within reasonable limits and maybe toss in a bleed effect or vampiric heal on the caster for 5% of total hit points of opponents calculated in same manor as spirit link works, except in a negative sense/curse.

5 star
Average/slow mana
Spirit drain
Affects all opponents with 1 of 5 random effects:

  1. Target is blinded
  2. Target is confused (may attack random hero or self during confusion** thanks Merlin you rock)
  3. Target defence -22 %
  4. Target attack decresed 30%
  5. Target is frozen (Danzaburo rejoice your no longer alone)

Effects last for 3 rounds and cannot be dispelled. This attack doesn’t stack.

All targets suffer bleeding for duration of effect.

Caster is healed by the amount bled out by targets.

This would be a purple/dark hero or red/fire hero. Think skittleskull meets Inca high priest.

*at no time allow this hero to spew out flames I have enough issues dealing with Janghir Colen and Azlar.

**send Sun block

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