Hero classes

When will we see the new hero classes explained?

I would guess that when they are released.


Even that may be optimistic


Well, you’re unlikely to get a better answer. None of the beta players can talk about it without getting booted. And SGG is unlikely to do more than tease it until it goes live. No one on the forum except the devs knows when that’s coming. So… Yeah… When they’re released (whenever that is).

Well, that’s the best answer you can get at this point. So far SG has basically never given info on anything ahead of time.
Also their Release schedual is Usually iffy at best, so we got basically no reliable info at this point about anything.
Classes are coming, hopefully early next year. I presume that is all the info we’ll get until one day the patch notes will say that the classes will be implemented.

I find it interesting that some Beta content is immediately leaked to internet, but others is not.

As far as I have seen, art is more likely to leak than game mechanics.

Maybe because art does not require translation?

Any knowledge I gain about Beta I try and ask ? How likely is it to change? how useful is wrong info now? how harmful is correct info now?

For classes they seem to be changing twice a week, wrong info is no more helpful than “ they are coming” and correct info is harmless but no more helpful than “you will need lots of diversity “.


I feel like I am in an episode of The Good Place with that response. My college philosophy teachers would be proud.


They can talk about it. Just cant share images or videos. They just refuse to talk about it

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@Kerridoc think i found that other thread to continue the skill tree discussion from yesterday lol

As SGG has already announced, we are testing a way of extending the development of heroes beyond the current maximum. Broad strokes: every hero is a member of a Class (e.g. paladin or cleric) and uses Emblems, awarded as loot from new quests and (we think) normal loot sources, to progress along a Talent Tree specific to that Class.

Everything’s at a very early stage in testing, so I don’t feel that putting out more info is helpful at this point. There were like 50 heroes with class reassignments already, so lots is in motion.


I wish we are allowed to choose the class our heroes belonged to. Like I hope I can increase the Attack attribute of Richard instead of defence.
Also, am quite done with feeding heroes to progress. It takes a Long time to level up heroes and please no more feeding. Enough grinding is enough.

All classes currently can progress on all three stats (Att, Def, HP). The Emblem system uses food and iron but not recruits or feeders.


Is the new system good, bad or neither both for f2p?

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Jury is out. We’ve got no clear idea how frequently Emblems will fall, will be sold, etc. That makes a huge difference.

One place I can already see this new system having an effect on the meta is where powerful heroes are in the same Class. Will you use your Wizard Emblems on hero X or hero Y? What if three Wizards are currently on your defense; will you be best off choosing to nudge all three up, or rebuild your defense to have five different Classes represented? Or will putting Emblems on your titan squads give a better return?

For the same reason, i may also affect which heroes you want to level up, and here the benefit goes to spending customers who have deeper benches of heroes to choose from.


It appears the class system and emblems allow you to further improve a maxed hero. Dunno if it is only for 5* heroes, or if you can do it with 4* or even 3* heroes too, but it would be hard to justify using it on anything but your most powerful heroes, as I imagine the emblems you use for it will be a limited resource.

That’s a good question but not something that is examined in beta testing, as I see it…so the beta testers really have no better idea than the rest of us.

Further improvement in your heroes is good for any and all players.

How it benefits free/cheap vs paying players depends on exactly one thing: Can you get the fuel for this (Emblems) in the store, or do you have to farm for it?

The more store bundles that have them, the more it benefits paying players, ultimately to the (relative) detriment of free/cheap players.

As I understand it, Beta players are given a huge pile of emblems for free in their beta account to test out. They don’t have to buy them with real money, or grind for them in chests on the map.


20 characters

In the current version, you can use emblems on 3*, 4*, or 5* that are maxxed.

Edit: I don’t know about 1* or 2*, since I’m not too concerned about them.

Some will like it some will hate it.

So does that mean that in it’s current state, that each hero has a predesigned class assigned to them or can the player currently choose which class to assign to XYZ hero?

So will the “classes” have similar perks to atlantis season 2 “families”, possibly even replace the family perks with class perks? Or is it too early for that to even be brought up?

Currently the class of each hero is predefined,

Classes are not like families. Family members benefit by being teamed together. Heroes gain class benefits by moving up the Talent Grid using Emblems, food and iron. There’s no synergistic benefit of having, say, two Paladins on a team.


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