Hero Class Quest Tutorials


UPDATE: The bosses HP have been raised slightly, perhaps their defense stat as well. It is not meaningfully different from before v20. This is based only on the Trials of Justice quest so far.

UPDATE for v20. Difficulty of the final level in each quest has been raised. I’m going to record new tutorial videos for each quest. Hopefully they will still be beatable with 4-star classic hero teams but I’m doubtful. During beta, one of the earlier iterations of the quests were much stronger than what could be defeated by 4-star heroes.

UPDATE: I’m adding video tutorials of each quest as they come out. Check the later responses on this message or go to this playlist of all of my quest tutorial videos.

Quest Tutorial Playlist

This guide is meant to help F2P or C2P players beat the quests with minimal use of battle items. I’m only going to recommend 4-star classic heroes (i.e. those that come out of a Training Camp). They may need to be maxed to survive and be victorious in the quest. 3-star heroes are too fragile to be used on the final levels of these quests. That is not to say that people should avoid these quests. The first two levels of each quest are within reach of anyone who has a team of maxed 3-star heroes and the emblems are worth the effort.

Even though many of these quests feature 3-star heroes as bosses, they are really rare quest level bosses in the guise of 3-star heroes and have proportionately higher stats.

See 🦸 Memento Heroes Classes and Quests for details about the quest rewards and full roster of eligible heroes.


When I mention qualified heroes I’m filtering down the list of all heroes within those classes down to the 4-star classics. If you’ve heard the beta testers stress the importance of building out your hero bench, this is why. These Trials severely limit your selection of heroes. If you’ve developed and maxed a lot of 4-star and 5-star heroes from events, Atlantis and the various HotMs you will be in much better shape than someone who only has Training Camp heroes.

Know this: These quests are meant to show off the Hero Class talents and every boss has a sufficient level of development to show a realistic demonstration of what it’s like to raid a particular hero when they have talents maxed.


Trials of Piety: Monk/Cleric Class quest.

Monk’s Talent: Resist. X% chance of resisting status ailments

Cleric’s Talent: Mana Shield. X% chance of resisting negative mana effects or effects that prevent use of special skills

Final bosses: Boril (Cleric), Friar Tuck (Cleric) & Joon (Monk).

Qualified heroes: Boril, Rigard, Wu Kong, Li Xiu

This is one of the most challenging quests when your hero selection is confined to the 4-star classics. If you have any 5-star hitters in the Monk or Cleric class you will have a better shot at completing this quest through straight forward combat… even if it is Elkanen.

For the qualified classic 4-star team, your strategy revolves around killing Joon first with Boril’s riposte. Then ghost tiles through the hole in their line to charge up the traitor Wu and use color stacked tile damage to kill Boril and Friar Tuck. Li Xiu can be used for her SS to inflict direct damage but it just isn’t going to be noticeable. If you think her mana steal will be valuable, know that Friar Tuck and Boril have the Mana Shield talent and about a third of the time the mana steal will fail.

The traitor Wu Kong will likely play a key role in winning or losing this quest. Most of these heroes have fairly weak attack stats (Li Xiu 616, Rigard, 595, & Boril 501). The only hero with above average attack is the traitor Wu Kong (707). As much as it pains me to say it, there might actually be a reason to keep more than one Wu Kong and that is to color stack tile damage for this quest.

I take that back, there is no reason to keep more than one of those traitors on your roster. You can always wait until you have TC20 and hope to draw Joon, Elk or Leo and then try to complete the last level of this quest. One should not have to tolerate more than one copy of that traitor.


Trials of Decimation: Fighter / Wizard Class quest.

Fighter’s Talent: Revive. X% chance to revive with 1 HP after a fatal attack at the end of the turn.

Wizard’s Talent: Jinx. X% chance of dealing an extra 15% of damage per active buff on an enemy.

Final bosses: Ulmer (Wizard), Oberon (Fighter) & Balthazar (Wizard)

Qualified heroes: Boldtusk, Colen, Hu Tao, Kashhrek & Kiril.

This is another challenging quest for the qualified heroes, this time the lack of solid hitters will be the difficulty. Keep in mind that although the quest features 3-star heroes as bosses, these are actually boss strength mobs wearing the skins of 3-star heroes. Ulmer and Oberon as a combo is pretty deadly when they are scaled up to TP 4000 strength.

You will need to pack antidotes and possibly Turtle banners to reverse Ulmer’s defense debuff. Ideally you would use Kiril’s SS to reverse the debuff, but when I ran this quest I always triggered the bosses’ SS faster than I recharged. You will also run the risk of increased damage for each buff on your heroes from Ulmer and Balthazar due to their Jinx talents as Wizards. But that just comes with the territory, deal with it.

Your best strategy to beat this quest is to use multiple Kiril’s to color stack blue tile damage with his attack buff. Using Boldtusk + Colen might be viable I just don’t have Colen and never tried using him. But it strikes me as unlikely to work well because Ulmer will debuff your defense and combo that with Balthazar and Oberon to finish you off unless you use items. Going with double or triple Kiril is more advantageous to reverse Ulmer’s debuff. And, blue is neutral against all the bosses and Kiril has average attack stats whereas red tile damage is weak vs Ulmer and Boldtusk has weak attack stats.

Kashhrek is little more than a joke to take on this quest. Imagine getting debuffed by Ulmer and then Jinxed from a useless red defensive buff. Didn’t do that more than twice in Beta. Doubling up Kashhrek for strong color stacked damage vs. Ulmer wasn’t worth it, especially with Kash’s weak attack stat.

Hu Tao can fill a spot on the team and maybe do some strong tile damage against the purple bosses, but don’t count on that being enough.


Trials of Fortitude: Cleric / Druid class quest

Cleric’s Talent: Mana Shield. X% chance of resisting negative mana effects or effects that prevent use of special skills

Druid’s Talent: Companion. X% chance of spawning a Thorn Minion whenever the Druid is damaged.

Final bosses: Vivica (Cleric), Horghall (Druid), and Boril (Cleric)

Qualified heroes: Boril, Rigard, Melendor, Caedmon

Your best strategy is to kill Horghall first by suiciding him into Boril’s riposte. Once he’s gone the other two bosses are easily handled because they have no offensive capability.

You could try stacking multiple Caedmons and sniping the bosses but remember that these bosses are not identical to the heroes you use on your teams. They can take a lot more direct damage hits. Luckily Vivica’s healing is nerfed to the point where she won’t heal back all of the damage you do and you can gradually grind them down with tile damage, Caedmon snipes and the occasional riposte swipes.

Horghall’s thorn minion is a bit annoying when he spawns but ultimately dies quickly if you concentrate on killing Horghall first.

Color stacking green with Melendor and Caedmon works the best here since green is neutral to strong against all the bosses.


Trials of Justice: Paladin / Monk Class quest

Paladin’s Talent: Protect. X% chance of getting a 25% defense buff whenever the Paladin is damaged.

Monk’s Talent: Resist. X% chance of resisting status ailments

Final bosses: Joon (Monk), Justice (Paladin) and Richard (Paladin)

Qualified heroes: Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Cyprian & Sonya

This is possibly the toughest quests even if you have a decent bench of event & HotM heroes. Severe lack of healers in both classes from any source (Classic, Event, HotM or Atlantis) with no healers at all in classic 4-star or 5-star heroes.

The strategy to beat this quest is to use Cyprian’s riposte to soften the bosses up and use the traitor Wu Kong’s buff along with Bear/Dragon banners to color stack purple tile damage. Yes this requires multiple Cyprians.

The lack of healers means you are already packing and using a lot of healing pots.
You need to go into the boss round fully charged, with a purple diamond and a board full of purple tiles ideally.

Otherwise the only realistic option is to carpet bomb which is not sustainable in the long run.

This is a quest where you should seriously consider passing on the final level if you don’t have a strong stable of 5-star Monks and Paladins with at least one of those rare healers in this class. I only managed to beat this level without significant items when I use Tarlak, Wilbur and strong yellow snipers.


Trials of Mysticism - Sorcerer / Wizard class quest

Sorcerer’s Talent: Delay. X% chance to drop the mana generation by 50% for 2 turns after dealing any normal damage.

Wizard’s Talent: Jinx. X% chance of dealing an extra 15% of damage per active buff on an enemy.

Final bosses: Balthazar (Wizard), Quintus (Sorcerer), Ulmer (Wizard)

Qualified heroes: Kiril, Kashhrek, Sabina, Skittleskull.

I came to realize how much the gap between F2P and P2W really is by this quest. When you have to seriously consider maxing a Skittleskull because she is the only hitter on your bench, you know you have a problem. And this was in a beta account where I’m not really pissing away shields on a Skittleskull. To be fair if you did build TC20 queues you may have drawn a Sartana or Isarnia or <gulp> Quintus. And then this quest isn’t too bad.

Otherwise, if you are limited to the 4-star classic wizard and sorcerer bench you’re best strategy is to color stack blue and green. Double up Kiril. Bring Skittles, Kashhrek and maybe Sabina. 4 healers and a 3-60 Skittleskull can beat this quest if you heal judiciously and really work the tile damage. Personally, when this quest goes live in the real game I’m going burn them to the ground with Natalya & Proteuses and never look back.


Trials of Nature - Druid / Ranger Class Quest

Druid’s Talent: Companion. X% chance of spawning a Thorn Minion whenever the Druid is damaged.

Ranger’s Talent: Pierce. X% chance of bypassing defensive buffs including riposte.

Final bosses: Chao (Ranger), Brienne (Druid), Horghall (Druid)

Qualified heroes: Tiburtus, Chao, Caedmon, Melendor

This was one of the only simple, straightforward quests where basic strategy works. Color stack green and purple (2 Caedmon, 1 Melendor, 2 Tiburtus) or green and yellow (2 Melendor, 1 Caedmon, 2 Chao’s). I think the purple and green stacking works better because of the defensive debuffs.


Trials of Serenity - Paladin / Ranger Class Quest

Ranger’s Talent: Pierce. X% chance of bypassing defensive buffs including riposte.

Paladin’s Talent: Protect. X% chance of getting a 25% defense buff whenever the Paladin is damaged.

Final bosses: Chao (Ranger), Lianna (Ranger), Richard (Paladin)

Qualified heroes: Tiburtus, Chao, Sonya, Cyprian.

Another difficult quest because of the scarcity of healers. There are no healers at all in the classic 4-star hero bench. There are 3 healers within the HotM and Event hero bench but even then they are not the most ideal ones.

The boss level is particularly troublesome because of Lianna who is screened behind Chao and Richard. Lianna is the premier sniper in the game and if you are taking 4-star heroes into this level, she will one-shot them. If you bring a 5-star hero into the quest, she might one-shot them too. If you bring Cyprian and think his riposte will win the quest all by itself think again. The Pierce skill has a fair chance of bypassing this buff and if it’s Lianna, she will one-shot the hero. You should bring Revive Scrolls to this quest and hope that you will not need them. The most ridiculous example of Pierce is from a raid when an 80+20 Lianna one-shotted my 80+20 Aegir with both his spirit link and green defensive buff on.

The best strategy for a classic 4-star team is to color stack purple with two or more Tiburtuses and Cyprian and then fill up the remain spots with double Sonya or double Chao. Pack a lot of healing pots and maybe mana pots. Honestly, this is one of those quests that you may have to pass on the last level if you can’t bring a 5-star team with a 5-star healer.


Trials of Shadows - Rogue / Sorcerer Class Quest

Rogue’s talent - Evade. X% chance to dodge direct damage from offensive SS.

Sorcerer’s Talent: Delay. X% chance to drop the mana generation by 50% for 2 turns after dealing any normal damage.

Final bosses: Skittleskull (Sorcerer), Domitia (Rogue), Scarlett (Rogue)

Qualified heroes: Skittleskull, Sabina, Scarlett, Kelile

This quest is relatively manageable for a 4-star classic hero team. Pack double Sabinas, and color stack as many Scarletts and Keliles as you can. Kill Skittles first preferably with color stacked tile damage and burn the rest. This should be a straightforward strategy quest, but the Rogue’s dodge skill makes it interesting. At first Dodge didn’t impress me much as a talent because I would use Gravemaker a lot and the DoT effect can not be Dodged. For ordinary direct damage heroes, Dodge is a significant problem, seeing as how it takes a few turns to build up mana again for another shot. So the moral of the story is to start familiarizing yourself and build your bench of DoT heroes for when you come up against Rogues.


Trials of Strength - Fighter / Barbarian Class Quest.

Fighter’s Talent: Revive. X% chance to revive with 1 HP after a fatal attack at the end of the turn.

Barbarian’s Talent - Wound. X% chance to cause a DoT effect when the Barbarian inflicts normal damage to an enemy. This effect deals 60% of the damage done and stacks with itself.

Final bosses: Azlar (Barbarian), Elena (Fighter), Nashgar (Barbarian).

Qualified heroes: Gormek, Grimm, Little John, Boldtusk, Colen, Hu Tao.

A fairly manageable quest with Boldtusk as the glue that holds the team together. Color stack him with Gormek and/or Colen. Or color stack multiple Grimms because all of the bosses are red. Even Little John can be used effectively to slow down the mana generation of the bosses. I’ve tested many variations on the above and all can be made to work. Just remember to pack antidotes.


Trials of Survival - Barbarian / Rogue Class quest.

Barbarian’s Talent - Wound. X% chance to cause a DoT effect when the Barbarian inflicts normal damage to an enemy. This effect deals 60% of the damage done and stacks with itself.

Rogue’s talent - Evade. X% chance to dodge direct damage from offensive SS.

Final bosses - Scarlett (Rogue), Azlar (Barbarian), Nashgar (Barbarian).

Qualified heroes - Scarlett, Kelile, Gormek, Grimm, Little John.

A challenging quest for all players. There are no healers at all in these two classes. You will need healing pots for this quest. Color stack as many Grimms as you can since all bosses are red. Little John is more or less a mandatory hero for this quest to slow down the bosses mana generation. You should go into the boss level with him fully charged or use mana pots to charge him up so that you can fire his SS at the start of the boss wave. Because you are spending healing pots on this quest no matter what kind of player you are, you need to finish the bosses quickly before you run out of healing pots. Create a diamond before you go into the boss level, but don’t dilly dally because those mobs before the bosses will still nibble away at your health while you are charging up and making a diamond.

Even if you play this perfectly, you may want to consider passing on the last level of this quest until you build up a strong enough 5-star hero team that will not need many potions to beat the quest. The rewards from the last level of this quest may not necessarily justify the battle items you use.


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Thank you so very much! This helps. I’m really confused! Lol

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Thanks MadMarv! It’s scary when almost every description starts with “this is a very difficult quest etc” Hopefully they put the quests back to the original version at least long enough for players to be able to make some 80+20 heroes to complete them.



Thanks a lot :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: great work !



v20 Update. Difficulty appears to be negligibly higher. The bosses have more HP but otherwise it should not be a problem if you beat the Trials the first time they came around. I’ve updated the embedded video below to show the new last level of the Trials.


Good news, the bosses defense stats were brought back to rational levels.

There’s an example of Oberon reviving at the end of this video.

Here’s the last level, using an underpowered team of 4-star classic heroes. This video jumps straight to the boss wave.


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My goodness! My hero collection is so skewed towards certain classes that I may not have enough heroes for other classes. :rofl:

That says alot my choices in heroes.



I beat 4000TP level with 3000TP team, only small health potions.
Valen(3^10)-BT(max)-Elena(2^53)-LJ(max)-Grimm(3^60), Little John is very useful with his mana debuff

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That it does. The hard quests will be the ones where you have no healers. Trial of Survival.

General rule of thumb if you want to complete all of these quests is to build a bench of maxed 4s with at least 2 from each hero class if you can. 4s at 3-60 might also work and anything stronger than a max 4* will always be welcome. Getting a healer within each class will become a must if it is available at all.

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Yup, these quests will teach you to use all aspects of your heroes. Dust off that Boril / Cyprian too because they will come in handy too at some point.

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Now for the worst part is that my 4* heroes are also skewed in a certain way. Now this forces me to up more 4* heroes. Bleh :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m using them in raids, riposte is one of the best passive skill IMO



So he revives when he gets a fatal attack ( i was under the impression he revives after his team makes a fatal attack).
After that you can ghost 1 turn… interesting and good to know…



but if he get damage status like from Colen, when he was killed, then dies right after revival.

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yup, but i thought that i could use this talent for my fighters to attack… but seems rather useless…



the chance it killed that way not huge, still can be usefull for those types of slow mana fighter, well Colen itself, who often got killed with full mana. So revival full mana Colen or any any other fighter to make his final slash would be a decent help



i know, i have him…

but 30 emblems for 6% chance for slow hero… better use them on Delilah or BT… im more for attack prone… so… bummer all the way…



How much HP does the bosses of the 4000TP have? Can they be killed with 5 arrow, 5 axe, 5 bomb? Those count for 3000 damage.



My video shows the starting HP of the bosses, 3k +/- for each. I remember it being carpet bomb-able but you really shouldn’t do that for this kind of loot.

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They have 3900 so you’ll need a little damage of your own. If you have BT+grimm for this trial you should be all set even if everyone else dies.

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Trials of Fortitude quest tutorial video is below. This is the Clerics / Druids quest. Clerics have Mana Shield which have a chance of protecting the Cleric from losing mana or having their SS ability sabotaged. None of my heroes can do either of those things so Mana Shield has no chance of triggering during the quest.

Druids on the other hand have a chance of spawning a minion whenever they are damaged.

In the first level of the quest, I got the Druid to spawn a minion.

Here’s the last level, the hard one. Had to color stack 4 green + Boril. Strategy is to suicide Boss Horghall into Boril’s riposte, then color stack to kill Boril. From there finishing off Vivica is manageable.


[Feb 24, 2019] Trials of Fortitude Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!
:large_blue_circle: Trials of Fortitude Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!