Hero Class Quest Tutorials using minimal items and ONLY 4-star Classic Heroes from Training Camps

Updated Trials of Serenity - Level 3 for the post v20 buff to the bosses. The video linked below jumps straight to the boss wave.

Oddly enough I was able to beat this quest using only 4-star classic heroes whereas in my previous video I had to use Aegir (pre-v20 buff) and Triton to heal my team of 5-star heroes. I attribute this mostly to having maxed my Cyprian in the time between the two videos. I still think this version of the quest is harder than the one before. I’m not sure I would recommend trying to bet this quest using 2 Sonyas, 2 Tiburtuses and a Cyprian. I rushed to get to the boss wave before I ran out of healing pots and then had to get a fairly lucky board to take down the bosses. I ran out of potions half way through the boss wave and seriously considered giving up on the 4-star team.