Hero Class Quest Tutorials using minimal items and ONLY 4-star Classic Heroes from Training Camps

Trials of Justice.

Final level bosses are Joon, Justice and Richard.

The embedded video jumps straight to the boss wave. There are no healers in the 4-star classic hero bench eligible for this quest. The only eligible healers are 5-star premium heroes.

I couldn’t beat this one with 4-star classic heroes. I’ve got the video of that here. Instead I brought Aegir, 2 Joons (1 maxed, 1 at 3-something), Leonidas and Cyprian. Total team power of 3815 vs. the recommended power of 4000.

Cyprian’s riposte helped but would not have been enough on it’s own. It looks like the bosses defense stat and HP are too high for riposte strategies to be really effective. Instead I color stacked yellow tile damage agaisnt Richard and then used direct damage SS to work my way across to Joon.

In general, if you have a Wilbur, he will be very useful in this quest. You may need to use him + Wu Kong and as much hitting power as you can find to beat these bosses. If you have Tarlak, that’s even better.