Hero Class Quest Tutorials using minimal items and ONLY 4-star Classic Heroes from Training Camps

the chance it killed that way not huge, still can be usefull for those types of slow mana fighter, well Colen itself, who often got killed with full mana. So revival full mana Colen or any any other fighter to make his final slash would be a decent help

i know, i have him…

but 30 emblems for 6% chance for slow hero… better use them on Delilah or BT… im more for attack prone… so… bummer all the way…

How much HP does the bosses of the 4000TP have? Can they be killed with 5 arrow, 5 axe, 5 bomb? Those count for 3000 damage.

My video shows the starting HP of the bosses, 3k +/- for each. I remember it being carpet bomb-able but you really shouldn’t do that for this kind of loot.

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They have 3900 so you’ll need a little damage of your own. If you have BT+grimm for this trial you should be all set even if everyone else dies.

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Trials of Fortitude quest tutorial video is below. This is the Clerics / Druids quest. Clerics have Mana Shield which have a chance of protecting the Cleric from losing mana or having their SS ability sabotaged. None of my heroes can do either of those things so Mana Shield has no chance of triggering during the quest.

Druids on the other hand have a chance of spawning a minion whenever they are damaged.

In the first level of the quest, I got the Druid to spawn a minion.

Here’s the last level, the hard one. Had to color stack 4 green + Boril. Strategy is to suicide Boss Horghall into Boril’s riposte, then color stack to kill Boril. From there finishing off Vivica is manageable.


Is there a source to find out the power of the bosses in level 3?

None that I’ve found. They’re like quest bosses or bosses on the map. They could vary from event to event. The only thing I can find is their HP by tap-and-holding on the bosses. You could estimate the damage they would do to your heroes by looking at the damage they did to mine.

Trials of Mysticism videos:

L1 - Easy

L2 - Medium

L3 - Challenging


@madmarv, thank you for posting these videos. My team composition is very different from yours, so my attack will look very different, but seeing any team and the bosses in action still helps me assess what items and strategy (and time lol) I’ll need to bring. I appreciate that you’re using less than your best heroes for our edification.

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@madmarv Nice thanks might help my lower players that are weaker

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Trials of Serenity tutorial videos.

This one was tough for me and I couldn’t be the third level with by 4-star classic hero bench. The first two levels are fairly reasonable for a 4-star bench. The third level however is very difficult without a healer. The only healers qualified for these quests are Ares, Aegir and Red Hood. I tried using my mono-purple ranger/paladin team and ran out of healing pots. Ultimately I had to use Lianna, Triton, Aegir, Athena and Buddy.

Levels 1 and 2 completed. Failed Level 3.

Level 3 - Challenging. The link below jumps straight to the beginning of my successful run using 5-star heroes.


4000TP is possible with regular heroes

225 and 100 healing potions, bomb attacks and 3 dragons

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Trials of Survival

Rogues and Barbarians Class Quests.

Levels 1, 2 & 3. Completed all levels with maxed 4-star classic heroes or less. No healers. Bring healing pots & antidotes.

Video starts at Level 3 - Challenging. Bosses are Scarlett, Nashgar and Azlar.
I should have brought Little John, 2 Grimms, Scarlet and Gormek but I forgot and put Kelile in for Gormek. Little John would have come in really handy to slow down the mana generation of the bosses on the last level. But even without LJ, you can pull off a win with enough tile damage and firepower.

Check out the Dodge talent at timecode 5:55.
Check out the Wound talent at timecode 12:18.


Trials of Piety tutorial videos.

Had to split this tutorial into multiple video files because I was waiting for a monster chest to unlock and didn’t want to waste flags. Links to the first two levels are below but the only level with real difficulty is the last one, which I embedded into this page. Like I noted above, this challenge is very difficult if all you have are 4-star classic heroes. The main strategy of killing Joon with riposte works. However it turns out that Wu Kong and Boril are must have heroes for the quest. Otherwise you will not have enough damage dealing capability to take down the bosses.

Trials of Piety - Level 1 tutorial video
Trials of Piety - Level 2 tutorial video

Trials of Piety - Level 3 Challenging


Trials of Decimation tutorial video.

The embedded video below jumps straight to the boss wave of the last level. The bosses are Oberon, Ulmer and Baltthazar. I had few choices among my 4-star classic Wizards and Fighters so I ended up taking 3 Kirils, Boldtusk and Hu Tao. 4 healers and a 4-star yellow tank. It is possible to beat this quest with only regular heroes. You just have to count on tile damage and your healers since there are no healers among the bosses. At least I didn’t need to burn any revive scrolls on this quest.

If you have any high powered Wizards you should definitely take them instead, they will make your quest so much easier. If you have even a Proteus from Atlantis, the final boss wave becomes a practical cakewalk when you use mana potions to charge up Proteus.

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Trials of Nature

The embedded video jumps straight to the boss wave of the last level. The bosses are Chao, Brienne and Horghall. This was a relatively easy quest as long as you have a Melendor to heal your team. The rest of the quest is straight forward and can be completed using simple battle tactics. I packed Tiburtuses & Caedmons to color stack green and purple. Tiburtus debuffs the defense of the bosses and Melendor / Caedmon to remove Brienne’s buff. Start with taking down Chao if you have any purple heroes to take advantage to color stacked tile damage.


Trials of Shadows

The embedded video jumps straight to the boss wave of the last level. The bosses are Skittleskull, Domitia & Scarlett. This quest is also fairly easy if you’ve got at least one Sabina to heal your team. The qualified 4-star classic hero bench is Scarlett, Kelile, Skittleskull and Sabina. The strategy to take down the bosses of the last level is to color stack red to take down Skittleskull first. Then ghost tiles down the left side of the screen and charge up your rogues and work your way across Domitia and then onto Scarlett.


Bad again, how look your team @zephyr1 ?

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I’m seeing red! :laughing:

My team on this one isn’t too bad:

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