Hero choice


I have opportunity to fully level the following but would like advice as to which to choose.
Hel or Panther or Aeron
Gregoria’s or
Arthur or Magni
I would appreciate any input.k


everyone will want to know what the rest of the team looks like before they comment (or they should).


Also, can you ascend just one out of the 6 of those heroes? you’ve grouped them oddly, making me think you could ascend one purple, Gregorion, and one blue.


Ive fully levelled Panther … love her but am still blue and green short.
Green … I have Greg, Horgall or Tarlak
Blue … I have Arthur, Magni or Mishandra.
Yellow … Drake, Justice or Leonids

These are all really good but I am not sure who to go with. I have mats at the moment that can take both Blue and Green up. But then will work on yellow.


My defence team is Joon, Sartana, Grave, Panther and Lianna


If you’ve already got one Panther, then Hel should be your next purple, not Panther#2.

I’d go with Arthur on blues. He is super against titans and a strong sniper. Also more durable than Magni while hitting (on special) about the same.

Drake seems the best of the yellows.

Green is the tough one. Greg is a solid hero who hits hard and buffs all the tile damage with his crit bonus. Tarlak doesn’t do any direct damage but doubles all the tile damage. He’s clearly the new King of the Titans, but you have to decide whether you want to have a 5* utility hero as one of your few 4/80s.


Given that you have so many snipers already (assuming these are maxed or in 4th ascention), I’d also go Arthur for the hard hit and the blue defense reduction on Titans. Magni is awesome, but with Joon, Sartana, and Lianna, you don’t really need his damage.

Greg vs. Tarlak is a hard one. If you’re regularly fighting 10*+ titans, I’d probably go Tarlak. Again, you don’t really need another sniper and Tarlak effects every tile hit rather than just criticals.

I think the Yellow is Drake vs. Justice. I’m not sold on Gravemaker as a tank - I lose cups with him in there vs. Delilah (who I know you don’t have, but still). Justice is a pure tank, and a good one. Drake is a more versatile hitter - I really like the blind-three, and he hits pretty darn hard.

It might help to think about your overall defense team and how these new heroes would fit in when thinking about prioritization. For example - if Justice was your tank, You might rethink including Joon in a defense team (a second hero the same color as the tank is a bad idea). Or think about who you would pull in favor of a blue hero - if the answer is no one, then you could focus on your titan team.


Thanks for the advice, Jalia. It has made a few decisions easier for me.
I will go with Tarlak, Arthur and Justice.
What do you think of Mishandra for a blue?


Both @Jalia and I counseled for Arthur over Misandra. I played with Misandra a fair bit in beta,and when she gets the right rolls she’s amazing. But there’s a big random component (number of repeat strikes) and the expected damage from Misandra is a notch below the other fast blue heroes.

Arthur delivers the goods—the question is whether you like his goods. I do. He’s the only hero that debuffs against ice, which makes a huge difference against titans, particularly fire. He’s the optimal hero against red titans, and is no slouch in raids with his special-attack shield.


Thank you. Much appreciated.


Titans - hands down Tarlak
Overall solid green - Greg
Best purple out there - Hel
If gotta have blue - I prefer Magni but Arthur is very well a monster.
Yellow - Drake for high versatility

Personal choice I would still choose Hel even if I don’t have other colors but that’s just me.


Airhawk, thanks :slight_smile:


If I had the team you did already… I’d go with the KING Hands Down. You have the ability to use him where he is best needed, your not limited by recruiting him into your lineups.

This Guy is a MONSTER and he is EXTREMELY RARE (well currently).

468% @708 kinda puts him up with the big gun ladies and Magni, and he has the best defense of the other 4 (Lianna, Sartana, Marjana, Magni) - with basically a tie with health while his overall Power is a bit more.

He is truly a HEAD HUNTER. So his target gets that frelling huge sword down their throat that does some massive damage. Then on top of that… they get slammed with -39% attack against anyone and -54% defense against the King and any ICE sliding back their way! Oh oh oh then the King gets +74% defense against special skills for 4 turns…

Yeah I’d definitely go with Royalty on this one.

Need help...which the best order to ascend?

Now I want him too D:


Misandra will be my next blue when I get the scopes. I have Alasie and King Arthur maxed, and Misandra and Magni at 3/70. I prefer heroes who will have some staying power even if I get a bad board and can’t get a special off (I’m looking at you, Magni) which is why I chose Alasie over Magni in the first place. I think she’s good, she’s just not the first one you should ascend, esp. with King Arthur in the mix.

Kerridoc’s completely right about her randomness, but after playing for the better part of a year with Alberich I’ve come to terms with random effects. I want to try her out as a tank. She’s got a good defense, she’s fast, having her in the tank spot gives her more chances to shoot, and the more she shoots, the more she charges everyone else up. Only 2 scopes for me though, so it’ll be a bit before I can execute that test…


@whatisthis Right!!! He is an amazing character and has a solid/popular story in history to boot. Can’t wait till the Knights of Avalon rolls back into town - my personal opinion - overall - they have the best set of Special Heroes of the Challenge Events.


Agree except with Magni. He hits hard and love the fast mana but very squishy with defense. He dies very easy. I have a fully leveled King Arthur and love him. I use single color teams so have King, Alasie 4/30, Magni 3/70, Kiril 3/70, Richard/Thorne/Isarnia 3/70. Hoping to get Athena when she’s avail and replace Richard.


Thanks. From everyone’s input … seems like Arthur is the only way to go