Hero Chests: higher value slowly or lower value quickly?

I don’t honestly get very much from the silver level hero chests that I’m getting but could push on to get into the gold arena.

However, I’m wondering whether it’s better just to work through the hero chests quickly so as to cycle through and get to elemental chests.

(What I currently tend to do, once I’ve finished a hero chest, is I set up an “Alfi defence” of just a set of 2* trainer heroes that I’m saving up. I then let my trophies go down to about 450 and then try for a straight run of 8 raid wins. I can also pick times to revenge raids that I’ve received when a tough opponent is rolled and when more trophies have been regained so as to make simply rolling for an easy opponent more difficult).

Going for gold arena might get better loot but would be slower. Thoughts and ideas appreciated.

I would push to gold just so you can earn recruits from raids personally.

Recruits become a non-issue later in the game once you have a lot of WE. But early in the game keeping your training camps full can be a bit of a struggle from my experience, since you have limited WE for farming. I guess it depends how willing you are to use flasks or gems to buy WE, me I save those up for events like Atlantis Rises.

So I would push to gold myself if you’re capable of it, but it’s really just to keep your EXP flow from training camps going (TC2 and/or TC11).

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I’m a cup dropper myself. But being in gold arena is kind of a minimum level.

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I occasionally drop down to platinum every now and then on purpose as I get better stuff than diamond

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I think I may leave off going for gold arena at least for now.
I’m not short of food (or recruits) and have tc queues of 60 days across 2 tc11s and of 100 days in my tc13. I think though it may be worth keeping these resources so that I can harvest more heroes sometime after getting tc20 thrugh a later use of tc19.
at present. as ftp, my top team is composed of 4 lev 50 3* s with Grimm as a sole 4* at ^3 lv57. I’m thinking that, when I’ve got him fully levelled up and with emblems pumped in, perhaps then it would be worth going for gold - or am I being too cautious?