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Hello everyone I’m wondering what the best province/stage is the best cheapest way to fill up the 100 heroes quickly and does it make a difference in the loot if I do for example all province 8 stage 7 ?? Or all higher more expensive province’s/ stages ?? I mean I passed season 1 and 1.5 season 2 the .5 is hard mode ? I could do any !!!

8 7 is perfect for chest filling. But it’s the monster chest, not the hero chest…


1-7-4 is actually the fastest way to get monsters (and dark monsters for those dark elemental chests). 1-8-7 drops more recruits, somewhat better loot, and more exp/food/iron, so that’s the place many people use to fill both their monster chests and the training camps.


For those who are curious, the expected flags to kill 100 monsters is:

20 for S1 7-4
23 for S1 8-7


Play a mix of both:

S1 7-4 - 5 times (around 70-75 monsters)
S1 8-7 - 2 times (around 24-26 monsters)

So usually after 5 times of 7-4 have a look at how many monsters have filled your chests. If the number s on the low 70s, Just do another round of 7-4 before moving on to 8-7.

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