Hero Chest Problem

Please check what happens with my 40-heap chest, 35 out of 30! Horror! 18:50h

Hi, Happy New Year 2019.
Since 14h I been attacked over 35 times… this is not a problem :slight_smile: problem is that I had lost most of this duels withs players 400-600 points weaker than me… Is it a bug in game? It never happened before.
Regards Yaara

Happy new year to you too @Yaara. It can’t be a bug, because you are seeing the defence teams of the ones attacked you. Their attack teams might be either stronger or better counters to your defences.

Hey. With your hero chest? Whats wrong with it?

Hello. I was buy diamnonds by credit card 2 Times and i dont get them. What i can do with this? Cash was taken from card but i dont get diamonds. I need help.

Submit a ticket from ingame via support button. It will direct you to the website to place your complaint.

Its not a bug at all … the defense team you see in not the same offense team that you been attacked with.
So if the attacker is like me (cup dropper) then its clearly that what we set as def team aint even close to what we really do have to use in offense.
Have a great day.

This also happened to me. I put in a ticket through in app support with an attached screenshot of my receipt from iTunes. My gems were in my “inbox” within 24 hours. They were also nice enough to include an epic hero token for my troubles.

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