Hero chest not filling

The hero chest is not filling like it should. I noticed some discrepancies earlier, but brushed it off as me just getting the numbers wrong. Then i double checked…had it at 36/40, and after 10 enemies killed it showed 39/40.

It’s not a colored chest is it? If so you’ll need to kill enemies of that specific color.
Otherwise I’d open a ticket with SG

Just noticed you’ve been playing for 5 months or longer so I’m going to assume it’s not a colored chest. Very strange? Maybe someone more experience can help? @Garanwyn, @Rook, @Kerridoc

@PapaHeavy 40 kills is a Wanted: Heroes chest (or Raid chest).

Usually, the problem is that something happened which nullified the kill. Potential things that can make a kill not count:

  • Dead hero got resurrected/revived
  • Raid lost due to timeout
  • Disconnect or crash before raid completes

Also (most people already know this, but just mentioned for completeness), war kills don’t count toward the chest.


No, not a color chest. And I’ve been playing for well over a year.

A bit offtopic but I think they should. Raid tournament kills do, so why it’s different with war?

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You’ve got me. It does seem inconsistent, doesn’t it?

Here’s the #ideas-feature-requests proposal to change it, in case you’d like to vote or post in support of it:

Killed heroes in war count for Wanted: Hero mission chests

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Thank you @Garanwyn. I misunderstood the question.

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