Hero chest loot tier

I was wondering when the loot tier is determined, at the moment you fill it or at the moment you open it? I am almost always in diamond, but had a bit of a bad raid day, so I dropped to 2350… And at 39 heroes, so not going to be back in diamond when I fill it. But what if I do another raid after it is full and only open it when I am above 2400, what loot tier will it be?

At open so the level you are in at opening determines the tier


You are notified in game when you change tiers. You can change tiers on your last battle and go up or down a tier in rewards.

You can finish the chest, leave it unopened, and do as many more raids as you want to change your tier. It doesn’t have to be the last battle.


Is this confirmed @redeye?

I know from jumping to a tier on my chest fill raid it counts (i.e. going form platinum to diamond on the raid that fills the chest), but after you fill it you can just raid until you get to the next level, and open it and it’s that tier loot? Like finish the chest at 2390. Raid again and get it over 2400 to trip diamond, open the chest and you get diamond loot? HOLY LOOPHOLE BATMAN if true.

I have done this a few times. Filled the chest and was around 1780+ then I did another separate raid, got over 1800, and was in the higher tier.

I actually did this by accident. I came up about 18 short on my “last” raid and did one more before opening the chest. I ended up with a diamond box.


It did work, I was just a few points short ehen I filled my chest after asking this question.
Not really a loophole, it costs you flags with a full chest to do this and is only a valid method if it is your last hero chest of the day (when you speed chests up like me).

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Wow, interesting. Seeing as how Diamond is giving me an unfarmable at about a 15-20% rate (lets hope this doesn’t jinx it) this would be worth waiting for me. Got an orb last night in fact.

Let’s hope it rubs off on me, I get mostly junk :wink:

It was exactly the opposite for me.
Get nothing as long i was in diamond, and soon after dropped in platinum get 2 unfarmable ascension items and a troop token.

I… I… Really don’t understand anything anymore :neutral_face: