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Overnight I defeated a raider and won enough trophies that put me into the Platinum Area. I was advised accordingly that this had happened (over 2400 trophies). Yet my Hero chest told me that my rewards would be according to the Diamond area. Later, when I maxed out my hero chest, I got a reward for the Diamond area, even though I was still in the Platinum area. I have tried exiting and restarting the Empire and Puzzles app to see if that would solve the problem, but it didn’t. The only way I can think of resolving the issue is to lose some raids to drop back into the Diamond Zone and then to return to the Platinum zone. Obviously, I am not keen on doing this, but then I am not happy with getting scaled down rewards.
This happened today between 9.00 am and 10.00 am, British Summer Time.

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Platinum arena : 1800 to 2399 cups
Diamond arena : 2400 and more cups



I think you are mistaken. Diamond is ABOVE platinum. Before I could stay in a given tier, I would move up and open the chest in the new tier to try for better loot. Now I am in diamond all the time but honestly the loot is about the same as the other tiers. I think you just got the levels mixed up.


If diamond is better than platinum, why did the program tell me that I had moved into the Platinum arena when I went over 2400 trophies? Very confusing.

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I think this is what is confusing me. You say about dropping back to diamond but that is as high as you can get. You say you will drop to diamond then return to platinum. Instead you should be dropping to platinum then working back into diamond.

Higher is more cups.

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Thank you very much for your answers, and helping to sort out my confusion. I have gotten mixed up in which arena was which. Appreciate your help.


You can always check cups requirements in the raids screen

I can only wish this would happen to me lol

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