Hero card showing stats with full leveled hero


I would love to have option to see full stats, which every hero, when they full ascend so, that I don’t have to look summon gate or internet search. Like when you press that macnifying class, it could so those stats instead that picture. That would help to decide, what hero to level up.


For regular heroes you can check out the summon portal. There you see max stats…so you only have to check internet for HOTM and heroes from Special quests…
@Coppersky made a brilliand overview

Just bookmark this thread and you can easily find it if you need it…
Good luck for this suggestion!


I’d like to be able to tap something on the hero card to have it change and show the max stats. That way I don’t have to go anywhere and look for them. Just tap, see the max stats, tap again and I go back to seeing what I have leveled my hero to.


I have to admit I’ve wished for this feature as well, but not in place of the ability to see the full pic of the hero; I happen to really like that feature :wink:.