Hero card showing stats with full leveled hero

I would love to have option to see full stats, which every hero, when they full ascend so, that I don’t have to look summon gate or internet search. Like when you press that macnifying class, it could so those stats instead that picture. That would help to decide, what hero to level up.

For regular heroes you can check out the summon portal. There you see max stats…so you only have to check internet for HOTM and heroes from Special quests…
@Coppersky made a brilliand overview

Just bookmark this thread and you can easily find it if you need it…
Good luck for this suggestion!

I’d like to be able to tap something on the hero card to have it change and show the max stats. That way I don’t have to go anywhere and look for them. Just tap, see the max stats, tap again and I go back to seeing what I have leveled my hero to.


I have to admit I’ve wished for this feature as well, but not in place of the ability to see the full pic of the hero; I happen to really like that feature :wink:.

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Would it be possible to provide a source for explanations of the data on the hero cards? I am trying to understand the meaning of the stats such as POWER, ATTACK, DEFENSE, HEALTH and XP. I am especially eager to understand the meaning of DAMAGE. For example Valen deals 300% damage. I would really like to know 300% of what number.

Is there a reference site that explains how to decipher the stats on the player cards. THANKS

@Peter3 A hero’s base stats are shown on the hero card just below the picture. Damage is listed first. Valen’s damage would be 300% of that number (adjusted by troops, buffs and the opponent’s defence)

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Thank you Rigs for the explanation of damage calculation. If I could impose further for add’l help please ? With the following hero card stats would it be possible to plug them into your equation.
VALEN stats from full max
Team cost - 8
Power - 442
Attack - 467
Defense - 411
Health - 679
Deals 300% Damage

Also, I would like to understand what all these numbers mean including xp. Is there a reference somewhere? Thanks for being so generous with your time and help.

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Thanks for your reply. I trying to understand what the catagories mean and what the numbers are telling me. Otherwise, why put them on the hero’s card. I am looking for the base number of DAMAGE. If a hero deals 300% Damage, or 300% multiplied by x,
what is x…or where is x.

I am really looking for a reference site that discusses and explains the data on the hero card. I don’t know what xp is, or health, or defense or what attack means and how these stats equate to a hero’s performance. There has to be a reference site somewhere, I just can’t find it. Thank you very much for your reply. I am grateful.

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Attack= base amount of damage per tile a hero does(which has other factors to get an accurate number, but regardless the higher the attack stat, the higher the tile damage)

Defense= base amount of resistance a hero has to damage from attacks and specials skills

Health= the amount of damage a hero can take before death

Special skill % = percentage of the attack stat
Valen hits for 300% of 467

Basic summary

The higher a hero’s attack, the more “normal” damage they do(normal damage = tile hits or slash attacks)

The higher a hero’s defense = the better they hold up against heros with higher attacks

The higher a hero’s health = the more damage they can take before death

The higher the % in their special skill, the harder they hit(depending on attack stat of course, higher percent of lower damage could be lower than a hero with higher attack but lower percent)

Hero level = measurement of progress a hero has made from 1st level to last level
Xp= units used to measure progress within a hero’s level

Each amount of xp gives a hero progress towards a level up
Each level up increases the hero’s stats
Each level up also brings a hero closer to an ascension which is just a marker of a bigger level up and requires certain materials to be achieved

Hero power is just a point of reference to compare 1 hero to another but is more useful when included in team power which is a point of reference for comparing a team of 5 heros to another team of 5 heros

4,000 team power isn’t much stronger than 3900 team power but is a lot stronger than 3500 team power

Hero power is configured by a mathematical equation using the hero’s stats plus the rarity of the hero(3*, 4*, 5* and regular, event, season 2, hotm. A regular season 1 4* maxed will have a lower power level than a maxed event 4* even if their stats are pretty similar)

Team power is a cumulation of all 5 hero’s powers within a team plus troops used for each hero

Side note:
Something to keep in mind for wars is that a team power can be a decent reference point of a team’s strength, but total health of all 5 heros is a better reference point for how many points a team is worth.
For example gormek has higher health than most 5* and all the 4*, so placed in an all 4* team, he has the potential to make an all 4* team worth almost as many points as a 5* team depending on team compositions


Dear Rigs, never mind. I just looked at your previous posts and then went to @RedPython posts. I got it. Damage calculation is a freekin mess. But at least I know where it comes from…i think. Good thing you two created a comprehensive spreadsheet. It is fine work.

I have been looking for this discussion for months. Both of you are brilliant ! Better mathematicians than I. Thank you both.

Now, please tell me what xp, defense, health and power mean. Or possibly refer me to a site discussion.

I do not understand why these stats are on the hero card w/o a point of reference. Very irksome.

Many thanks, Peter3.0

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Actually i had no part in @RedPython work. Or any work of any forum member. I’m just an active reader that points people to their threads when the info is needed.

I’m a 9 to 5 blue collar mechanic lol
Not a mathematician either

Glad it helped and hopefully more explanations above help as well. I’ll see if i can find a thread that helps more


Coppersky's Compendium - an unofficial game guide

See if this helps


@Rigs thanks for the seminar. You covered everything. Mechanic, more likely an engineer.

Re your response: Valen hits for 300% of 467.

That’s 1401. Is that correct ? Wouldn’t that mean that Valen would be able to knock out a stronger enemy in one hit ?

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Correct about the mathematical value

But you would have to account for the target’s defense stat and troops

So if a 5* has around 700 defense then that is taken away from the 1401. Plus you would have to account for a target’s troops as well along with any buffs that are applied.

As explained in the damage calculator, attack stat that is lower than a target’s defense stat is going to do less damage than an attack stat higher than the target’s defense stat

Which is where defense debuffers(tiburtus, wilbur, grimm, buddy, gormek) come into play along with elemental defense debuffers(arthur, panther, evelyn, jackal, falcon)

Debuff means to lower specific stats(attack or defense or both)
Debuffer = hero that has the capability to do this

Dispel = removes buffs from stats
Dispeller = hero with this ability

Many, even veterans, get those terms confused and it irks me

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@Rigs re hero cards

Nope. Although I like the way it’s written, it does not address the stats on a hero card.

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@Rigs re hero card stats

UNDERSTOOD. Now it makes a little sense. You’ve made something very complicated sound simple. You’re the man, Rigs.
Thanks a million.


Always happy to help


@Rigs. re stats on a hero card

It’s going to take a while to digest this tutorial but don’t be surprised if I resurface sometime in the distant future with more follow up questions.

In the meantime, get prepared to provide a tutorial on how to win in this game w/o spending $$$.

Thanks again

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there is no one ultimate win

you can either enjoy dozens of small ones that you put as your personal challenge (eg I have first maxed 3 star, I achieved more than 10k titan hit, I completed rare quest, I completed rare quest without extensions)

or join the crowd who hates the game because they didn’t get some hero, some score etc

in both cases, those who stay in the game are those who’ve found some good alliance for them, so if you are not in one, I strongly suggest investing time into finding one that suits you

if you’re eager to learn stuff, I’ve just opened today our second alliance, Pet Project Mini, for new players or new recruits, to get to know our gameplay without being too overwhelmed :slight_smile:

and yes, we don’t need money to have fun :slight_smile: and win wars, of course :smiley:


no one ultimate win

Thank you for your response and invitation to join your new alliance.

Please forgive my dry sense of humor. I was trying to be funny with my comment about “winning” the game. I enjoy playing most features of the game and find it challenging.

I am in a relatively new alliance with members that share. I will keep your invitation to join your alliance in mind if that changes.

Thanks again

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