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Thank you. I try my best

@Olmor, I will redo your card if you so desire, but yours looks better than my. maybe it’s that it has no class, fully upgraded, and a skull special pic. and it’s zoomed in. lol. But if you want, I’ll take another shot at it to upgrade it, for I see my just looks crappy. :slight_smile: Check yes, or no. :slight_smile:

  • yes
  • no

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Looks good. Looks good

Ok @Olmor, I did my best, buy I still kinda like yours better. lol. Here it is, the new and improved Unholy Private.

tell me how you like it.


Ok, I found this great image for my NevarMaor card:

With the following stats:

“Sun Catcher Spirit”

Dark 5*
Class Prophet
mana speed average

Poll Dance

  • Deals 225% chance of confounding confusion to all enemies.
    This increases by 25% for every response the enemy makes.
  • Increases all allies’ amusement by 42% for 4 turns.
    This effect is undispellable.

Have fun :smile:


explain this plz?

and I will work on it saturday. swamped this week with RL

Love undispellable amusement.
A real life special. :partying_face:


Raven is a sun catcher spirit in western native American mythology (among many other things)

And no rush take as long as you want


This is cool! Haha! Very creative!
Do one for me! :slight_smile:
I’d be very happy!

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@Dudeious.Maximus, Tell me what you want on it. I have a list Hero Card art. Get your card now! here. If you want extra, just tell me, I’ll do what I can.

Ok. I might have time tomorrow night, or tonight, just have to see the way the cookie crumbles. :slight_smile:

I kinda like it to be your creation just on my name and profile pic, that’s cool with me! My pic is from the black sabbath 1978 tour if you need a bigger picture :slight_smile:
Don’t care if you can’t do it right away take your time have a think! I’d like the lagoon family so put me with them!

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Ok, will do. I will do I after @nevarmaor’s. :slight_smile: Lagoon family, what does that mean? and I do need a bigger pic, so, hope I find the one you want. :wink:

They have the leaf in there profile, just look at gato gilra Wilbur profile , just add that too it! The main pic shouldn’t be hard to find I google it earlier :smile:

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Fyi Lagoon is one of the families in Atlantis heroes, family members share a boost depending on how many members are on your team.

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I’ll try my best. :slight_smile: I’ll do some research on it.

greek to me, since I haven’t done much Atlantis province work. By family, do you mean class?

It is more like element (but different). All the Season 2 heroes belong to a family, I don’t remember how many different ones there are. If you use more than one member of a family together they have a family link similar to an elemental link. For instance, I have Meila and Mnesseus 3* heroes who are both Atlantis family. If I use both together they get a 5% defense boost. If three of the same family are used the boost is 10%. And so on. Note you can’t use dupes for this. Two Melia get no boost. Two Melia and a Mnesseus only get a 2-hero boost. Each family has a different link effect.

Hope that makes it clearer.


Did you mean cleric?

Yes, thank you

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