Hero Capacity Upgrade

When it comes to spending gems to upgrade hero capacity, at what cost of gems per capacity upgrade did you guys stop?

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I find it worth it as long as it keeps a space for the heroes I use. With towers and tavern and upcoming elemental quest roster depth is worth it.

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I like around 30 open spots… For the 5* in going to trade in the soul exchange and feeders… So if o get bellow that number… I’ll bite the bullet… But my coat at the moment is still around 300 for 5.

I only buy de monthly roster offer now. US$4.99 /S$6.98 for 5 slots.

Otherwise it’s 700 gems for me for 5 slots. Painful!

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So far, I have purchased roster increases up to the point where they are now 350 gems. Soul Exchange has really made me not need to purchase more, although I do still buy the $4.99 ones.

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Given the incredible rate of hero releases for all rarities, it would be great to see a restructuring of the current roster.
I’d like to be able to slide across from 5star to 4star, again to 3star and slide across to 2 and 1 star heroes. So a page for each, organised into Rarity Chapters.
This would be way more convenient than having to scroll an entire roster from top to bottom - the endless scrolling is not user friendly as time goes on.


I bought extra roster space regularly to maintain 20 “free” spaces for my feeders.
But now that I have used Soul exchange 3 times I no longer bother. I have sufficient capacity at least for the next 12 months

I am currently at 250 gems per 5 slots. It’s already starting to get painful, and I have ruthlessly reviewed my roster for dupes - I’ve fed more than 30 fully-leveled 3* and 4* dupes away in my time. No regrets, as I did not really need them, and those gems are precious.

I qualify that I am also a collector, and I keep one of every hero, no matter how awful. I would rather feed away the 2nd Chao-C that I barely use…

It costs me 1600 gems for 5 spots so I have stopped at this point.

Did anyone calculate how much 5 slots from the offer are worth?
Currently I can buy 5 slots for 150 gems from the shop, but the offer we get includes 5 slots, 500 gems and an EHT. Does anybody can estimate how much those 5 slots cost us in gems?
I’d like to decide at what point I should stop buying roster space from the shop and start buying this offer from time to time.

I’d call myself a hero collector as well. Can’t remember how many times I’ve expanded my hero capacity in the early days (with gems at the shop). However, I have 164 slots right now at Level 50. And about 35 of those are open/used for feeders. Not enough heroes for Soul Exchange yet. But yeah, I think I’ve got all 3* classics and I’m just missing Sonya for 4* classics. Since I am F2P, the offer does not grab me.

It would be interesting to calculate what everything in the offer is worth, though.

I found that @BlackZed did that (thanks!):

So I should stop buying roster space from the ship when its price raise to 200 gems as according to BlackZed - 5 slots are equivalent to 171 gems.

I am at 700 gems now, and will not go further
SE came as a blessing, to free up rooster space.
And I buy the +5 offers (so no more rooster space from the shop)
I have also eaten some dupes I had leveled in 3* and 4*, as I have an ongoing project of leveling every 3* and 4* in the game
450 rooster space now.
After the last SE I have 386 that are either SE food or for keeps. That makes it easier to only feed right colour feeder to right project and to differentiate between 1* and 2* feeding (and save trainer heroes)

I’m at 439 total spots at level 97.

Extra roster spots cost 650 gems. I haven’t gotten any of those since Soul Exchange started. I did pick up a couple of the first roster+gem offers when they initially came out.