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I’ve been playing this game for over two years now and SGG have been asking more and more of us in regard to our hero rosters. First, it was the addition of War where players need a 30 hero team. Next, were the Raid Tournaments that required 3*, 4* and 5* heroes of specified colours and abilities. And now in Path of Valour, in the Event Challenge, we are required to defeat Rare, Epic and Legendary stages if we want to complete it. Still, after all of these additions to the game, the only ways to increase hero capacity is to level up or spend valuable gems.

I’m suggesting a token system to increase hero capacity that can still be purchased with gems but may also be acquired through chests, mystic vision and/ or cash deals. Obviously, these would have to be rare: maybe as rare as reset tokens or 4*mats. Another option is that they could be like Atlantis Coins where a player can save up enough and then cash them in. I feel that this would be a great addition for F2P and C2P players.

Thanks for reading. It’s my first time creating a topic - be gentle with me! :sweat:

I certainly believe it’s an interesting proposal that should be considered.

As someone with a large roster that keeps growing, I would favor this and can see benefit in its discussion and implementation of some form.

I’m going to post my own similar idea to this, but with Season 3 about to pop, I really would appreciate some roster expansion–since we’ll probably end up with new threes and fours that will be more reasonable to acquire.

I am currently at level 63 and from what I can find, I will be granted my next hero capacity increase at level 77 of +1.
It seems to be taking me about a month per level and I would say I’m an active player. Therefore, at this rate, it is going to take me over a year to earn a single free capacity increase.


Agree…there should be various ways to achieve every item or improvement to your heroes/base. I would also advise E&P to have special loot for when you get to milestones…Levels 25-50-75-100 etc…takes a lot of time money and effort to get to those milestones…should get more than energies refilled and the other minor trinkets … surprised they didn’t develope that into the game from the start

So it’s not as bad as I thought when leveling up… But its still pretty bad.

I’d like to see a Hero Cap bump from Loots perhaps, purchased or not. Expanding our Hero Cap seems to be very necessary these days.

You can vote for a similar idea here:

@Guvnor, merge?


Merged thanks :slight_smile:

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