Hero capacity question

OK, weird question. Thanks to running two TC20s, I’m finally running into issues with hero capacity, and I’m considering buying more slots. According to the chart here, I am not supposed to get another 5 slots from a level up until I hit player level 41. (Makes sense; my last increase was at level 36, so every 5 levels.) My issue is this - according to the chart, I should have 70 hero slots on my roster, but I actually have 72. I’ve never bought more, and you can only buy them in increments of 5 anyway. How the heck did I get 72? Is the chart I linked out-of-date? If so, does anyone have the most up-to-date version? Are there maybe smaller increases that are happening more frequently now? I’m about to go to player level 38, and even another bump of 2 would be welcome.

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Are all your slots full?

If your slots are full and then you pull heroes I think it allows them into your roster, but the places vanish as soon as you go down to your limit.

If you have any empty spaces then it’s a mystery :thinking:


No, I’m not over capacity. It says I’m at 71/72. I knew you could go over temporarily from summoning - I went way over earlier this morning after doing 6 Atlantis summons - but I first noticed this at least a couple of weeks ago.

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Didn’t the hero capacity increases get smoothed out last year? So they weren’t coming in chunks of 5 anymore. Looking for the thread…


I received 2 additional slots at level 37 or 38, I don’t remember which, and another 2 at a different level.

Annoys my OCD since I have that 1 blank slot in a line of 5 -_-

Perlin is right, it is more smooth now


It’s noted down the bottom, under the smaller fixes and changes.

Detailed info can be found in Pois1’s table here:


That’s the kind of thing I was looking for. I figured there must be an updated chart out there, but I couldn’t find it. Many thanks!


Once the hero slot expansions start costing 100 gems it starts to be less worth it, but at 50 gems it’s pretty cheap Noble.

if you have so many heroes that you’re training and need the space to train them, it doesn’t make sense to save gems just for more heroes that you’ll have no space for.


Yeah, I mainly just posted this to make sure I wasn’t going to get more space when I level up later today or tomorrow. I’ve still got 50 gems after my Atlantis summon earlier today, so I’ll probably buy some tonight. It’s a good problem to have that I have so many heroes I actually want to keep! There are some duplicates of four-stars I might be thinking about feeding away if I weren’t afraid the Hero Academy would make me regret it. After pulling LJ (Atlantis) and Hu Tao (TC20) today, I’m getting a lot closer to having all the classic 4-stars. Still hurts that I’m missing BT and Kiril, though!

As Davycozy said, you should try and buy some extra slots with gems. I bought some with 250 gems, I have 90 slots atm (I’m lvl 36). It’s a good investment for f2p imo.

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