Hero capacity bug

today I summoned for PoV and right now i have 150/127 heroes. I was not stopped by system.

Summoning and purchases always allow exceeding the Hero Capacity limit.

Collecting from Training Camps and farming does not.

See: https://support.smallgiantgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002026914-What-if-I-summoned-Heroes-when-my-Hero-Roster-was-full-

Heroes received from the Summon Gate will be delivered to your Hero Roster, even if the maximum hero capacity has been reached. These Summoned heroes will temporarily extend the maximum capacity of the Roster.

Please note that unlike the summoned heroes, the Heroes received as loot from Battles or trained in your Training Camps will not extend the roster. Trained heroes cannot be collected before the roster has enough room for them and the Heroes received as loot will be lost if you go to battle with a full roster.

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Ok than, I thought only 10 summon is allowed to exceeding the Hero Capacity limit.

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Any Summon can, actually.

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