Hero capacity and the elder status

I urgently need more space. More and more new heroes are coming and there is not enough space for them. I also have not enough gems to buy the needed space. SG, please consider to extend the hero capacity.

The eldest status shouldn’t give the opportunity to kick people. SG, could you also consider to take this ability from the tier/rank “elder”?

Hey gentlefolk, what is your opinion on these topics? :man_office_worker:

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My opinion is that we should have a free slot for every individual hero and then other spaces that you can buy / unlock.

If you add 5 new heroes and you draw one of them his spot should be free, if you draw two copies of the same new hero (or you have it yet) then the double wouldn’t have a free spot.

This would help everyone and the new players would not face the “one hero have to die” problem.


The idea of, do not add, when you have two heroes of it. it’s interesting.
could only occupy one hero slot. by clicking on it, as a sort of bag. opening it … there would be multiple same hero
But I believe it will be a frustrated attempt, as they want is the gems that you need to spend, to have more slot.

The free way to get more hero slots is to level up. The other alternative is to spend 50 gems to get 5 slots. 50 gems are easily gathered from normal play, or you can spend a few cents to buy them. This pricing seems very fair to me.

Regarding elders kicking, I have to agree. The decision to kick a member is quite serious and should only be made by a co-leader. Let elders change the banner instead.


Nice ideas, feel free to add more :slightly_smiling_face::+1:
@Sara @Petri @mhalttu do you think those are good suggestions, worth to think about? :wink:

That cost goes up 50 gems every five purchases. I think I’m up to 250 gems per 5 slots now. 50 gems is reasonable but I’m hesitant to use 5x that amount.

I’m ok with 50 gems, but everything above is to high. I can pay 250 but then I’m broke :joy::sob:

I totally agree with the elders no kicking suggestion. I think another rank (for 5 total) would be very welcome by most alliance leaders. We only really have 3 ranks, since the leader stands alone.

More ranks!! Yes please! There should be a way to earn your rank(s) right now you can only promote someone twice and they have no more room to grow.

You buy with 50 gems but after 80 slots or so you will need 100 gems to buy additional 5 slots, this is pretty fair , what I do is try to level up, get rid of some none too useful heroes to create space for much useful ones .
Regarding being kicked in the Alliance, I wonder if a player would be kicked for no reason regardless of who kicked. There should be some level of responsibility for Elders in the alliance apart from just the promotion, kicking off inactive members should be one of them , outside inactivity , I cant figure out any other reason.
In my alliance after accepting some players , they dont participate in wars , nor titan attack and are offline for 11days of 16 days , I suppose someone old enough in the alliance should be able to kick off such member.

This has nothing to do with fairness. I have no more heroes to get rid off. A few more heroes and I can’t level anymore. Sorry to say that, but to restrict the hero capacity makes no sense. Wait, it helps to make money. I have problems. I’m f2p, I’m lucky, I get a lot of heroes and I’m a collector. I like this game, I like this forum and I would like to player this game further.

How do you see players with over 200 heroes list cap,? they simply built their capacity with either money or their time, you do have options either you build up free gems (there are free gems everyday) to buy capacity or you pay $ to get gem, the first option required just your time , for giving options SG is fair and that is the fairness . You can choose to limit your capacity by not taking any of the options.

Again , this game is all about building up your empire using resources, you build up everything including heroes , well , after the initial free help start from SG, then the player takes responsibility of the rest, I wonder why heroes list cap should be different.

Yes like a collection book. 1 spot per hero. Most monster or dragon breeding games have this feature. Maybe having full collection for normal heroes will get some gems and also full collection heroes for each event will also give bonus AM and tokens for each event. This would definitely promote more people wanting the full collection. :laughing:

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Great idea! Easy to implement and common on all games! No one wants a roster with 22 Fletcher

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elder status is the most unnecessary thing in this game

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