Hero Cap Increase

If one spends the 50 gems to increase hero space is that a temporary setting or forever game thing?

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It stays with you :slight_smile:


YAY!! Thanks so much!

If you buy it a number of times it goes up to 100 gems per 5 increase. Then It costs 150 gems per 5. I don’t know exactly but I think it goes up by around 5x buying with the same amound of gems.
I’m at 150 gems price atm but I think about going up further.

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How much hero space do you have total? Mine’s at 110 now after last level up and thinking I’ll wind up taking it to 125.

Level 37, 120 hero space.
Most people I know are around or above 200. I am a free Player so getting gems together is a little bit difficult for me though. :upside_down_face:


I am at level 34. The alliance I am currently in wants two of each level 3 stars and up. That’s why I asked.

I have 70 slots. It currently costs me 50 gems to get more. :slight_smile:

I’m cheap, I’ve got 105 slots with 90 favorite heroes. I probably should expand…

Actually only 1 of each 3* and two of every 4* and up. I currently have 200 slots in my Hero house.

The moste are around 200? seriously?

Ouch… I’m at lvl 31 with 65 Slots (0 Gems used for slots yet)
And for now I can handle it… but why do you need all 3* two times?

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Oh, nice to know the cost goes up with the number of total slots. I bought a bunch several months back and noticed recently the cost is now 100 gems. I thought I may have missed out on buying more slots before a cost change… :smiley:

I bought all the 50 gem ones, little by little as I collected more good heroes. I have 49 favorites now and 100 slots so I’m good for a while. In reality you don’t need a ton of free slots, it’s just convenient.

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At the most, you need 45 free slots (9 per color) if you are waiting for 10 feeder heros before feeding them for the special attack. You’d have to have some extraordinarily bad luck to just miss on every color at the same time, but math is math :slight_smile:


Good point @JoeStraz, I don’t usually worry about the special skills but that’s definitely a consideration.

Anyone know at what levels the hero roster cap increases…, naturally? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There was a half-hearted effort to chart all the things you get with each level, but it kind of fizzled out. I wonder about that too.

What is the hero cap increase? What is it supposed to be telling me when it increases?

Each time you level up, your hero inventory increases. It is shown on the splash screen that you see when you level up.

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