Hero Cap Increase offer frequency

Has anyone kept track of how often the Hero Cap Increase offer occurs? This is the one where you get 500 gems and +5 Hero Cap Increase for $7.99 AUD (can’t remember what else was in the deal if anything). I believe I’ve done it twice so far but lost track of how frequent it was.

Just trying to figure out if I buy roster expansion or wait for the deal to come back. Thanks for your help!


Did some searching from here, seems like the first time it was available was June 15th.

And also here I found July 13rd

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Wednesday 15 June 2022 07:00:00 UTC
Wednesday 13 July 2022 07:00:00 UTC
Wednesday 27 July 2022 07:00:00 UTC
Saturday 27 August 2022 07:00:00 UTC

EDIT: I believe there will be another offer, more expensive, with covenant coins (so during the Covenant of Champions) on Wednesday 31 August 2022 (07:00:00 UTC)


I would try to hold. SE3 is coming. August 22. Frees up 19 slots if you can find someone at 20.

Then soak up the roster expansion offers to come.

If you can hold.


Thanks for the heads up. I was wondering about that offer too, considering the extras to come.


This is exactly why we now can feed more than x10 feeders @ a time.

…more ro$ter $pace… up for $ale… for real $$$

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Thanks @Elioty33 and @Quiet for that info, really useful to know!

@BlackZed I’ll try and hold but I’m just really struggling to see a way forward and I blame all the new portals and heroes being released (as well as myself for constantly pulling). I’ve culled all the heros I don’t want and I’m still left with 561/522 so even after freeing 19 slots I’ll be 542/522 which is 20 slots too full. I’d need like 5000 gems just to give myself some roster space after soul exchange, so I just prey those slot deals come sooner and more frequently (since the exchange won’t) :confounded:


Goodness! You have been a “naughty” boy. :rofl::joy:

Your situation is dire indeed.

19 + 5 + 5 = 29.

That leaves 532.

In this case …. I would bite the bullet and buy the necessary slots. Using only gems from offer packs. Only that. At least those gems would hopefully have some discount, hopefully at least 50%.

I won’t buy gems from Shop. Or from Zynga Store.

In my heyday, I would buy gems from Shop (No ZS then) to buy roster space. Lol


I know I’ve been a naughty boy indeed :rofl: I was in a good situation at the last exchange and then I lost control! But at least with the 2 expansion offers coming soon, it means I only need to buy 15-20 more slots (situation could be more dire once the Covenant of Champions comes because new event = new heroes :confounded:). The thing is, I WISH you could still take heroes from training camps when your roster is full, kind of like how the roster can overflow if you summon. Or I wish you could still train heroes at training camps while there are heroes stuck there (the problem is I can’t collect those heroes, NOR train new heroes, so those camps are just totally wasted). If that makes sense?

I fully appreciate your predicament.

I always have free 50 slots for freebies, plus harvested feeders to level up heroes.

Levelling up used to get me 1 free slot. It’s a built in freebie.

However, if you buy slots and expand your roster faster than your levelling roster freebie, then you won’t get that free roster slot.

I have no idea why the policy is this way.

I would think each level up should get me 1 free roster slot regardless of how much I spend to expand my roster. This is a win-win situation.

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You still get roster spots you just dont get roster spots at every level, probably why you havent noticed it.


With the rate of hero release, you think they’d offer more ways to increase roster space. For those who’ve been playing for years, it’s a dire situation.



Other similar games give free roster size upgrades after they have been in business for awhile.

Others increase the max roster size, while keeping roster slot purchases low (well…, definitely lower than this game).

At the rate the roster slot offer is released, coupled with the frenzied rate of hero releases, it doesn’t make the situation significantly better for veterans.


Would be nice to get 1 at every level up but I guess that would affect the game economy most adversely.


Totally agree with you guys, I mean I understand they want to make more revenue by forcing people to purchase roster space, but at the same time, if they did give free roster space it might encourage more people to summon for new heroes too. You can’t keep releasing heroes at this speed and not offer a proper solution for dupes (other than soul exchange that offers only once every 3 months). A great solution would be for people to be able to exchange dupes for as many souls as they want during the exchange so even if you can only claim one hero each time, at least you can bank all the dupes as souls instead (kind of like keeping them in a bank) :thinking:

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They could also have a feature that’s available at all time to exchange any 5* hero for a guaranteed classic 5* hero token. This would still allow to free up roster space in between Soul Exchanges and then you can use the token when SE actually comes with a hero you want to trade in. Would be a nice QoL already without changing anything about how SE already functions today.


That would be awesome

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@kmwlew enjoyed your roster extension? :blush:

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I did thank you, though I wish there were multiples available! I’m still so far away from free roster spaces :sob:

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The covenant offer should be up tomorrow I guess (didn’t recheck) since they moved the event earlier and tomorrow is the last day. But we can see that the current offer finishes one day before the end of the event, so it’s safe to assume that it should be replaced by that other one for the last day. :wink:

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