Hero buffs Needed

In 1 year todays heroes will probably need a buff. It’s an endless cycle & another reason I hate nerfs !!! Just leave well alone as they’ll come into their own eventually. Especially Frigg & Odin !! Double nerfing them !! Those pair need their original stats back. In fact so do a lot of nerfed heroes. It wud go a long way to improvinggaa a meta QoL if they did return all previously nerfed heroes to their former state & go some way in showing their players that they do listen & do care s out what we think. But that wud re-energise older rosters & we know how they REALLY need us to keep spending. I’m at it again !!! I’m going bed. I’ll be ranting in my sleep. If Freddy Kruger will listen I’ll have a rant at him !!

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C Victor needs bigger hit power. 125% is nothing
Zimkitha also hits really weak.

I agree even Onigma could use a bit of help . You would think being so hard to get they would be phenomenal… but nope

Better yet, buff the new legendary heroes still to be released so that their hits can ripple back through time and help win the raids today.


Will throw this in here. I could have made this into separate threads, but didn’t know it was a rule to have individual threads for which heroes we wanted “buffed” or “nerfed.”

Plus, both heroes were communally accepted as horrid additions to your roster: Rokkamush & Mack

I agree with that comment. I think Kunchen should get buff. Morgan Le Fay should deal aoe damage and get AOE leech, hanitra needs to deal some sort of damage, King Arthur needs a costume that taunts but also deals damage and be monk class ( KA became a monk after gueniveres betrayal). Guinevere should get costume that aoe heals for all allies (boosted HP though) and mana leech all enemies and she should be fighter class. Let me know what you think. :pray::heart:

Hanitra need buff to become a pure healer and Dodgers, suggest 300 health boost willake her popular.

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Ephyra needs a buff. Either AOE damage or water damage. Something. Her special is weak for a new hero.