Hero buffs Needed

consider increasing direct dmg from Lady Loki… her effect is pretty useful in some situations, but the damage is really low. (better to have G.Kong without costume)
Same applies to Caitlin, with all the new heroes that can debuff at fast or avg speed, this hero is useless. Increase base dmg at least to 250


Whilst we r on the topic tho, Myztero needs buffing. Extra damage for when there’s no status ailments to memorise.

Thor is the weakest hero of the season with no use at all.
Also mok-ar ( the worst hero of the game) zircon and lughaidh need a buff too. All these could have been great heroes and now they have no use at all!

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Elradir needs a buff. He’s reflecting does nothing and he is completely useless.

Everybody seems to forget Aeron…
Can you please look at him and tell how desperate you must be to feed this guy?

All heroes will buff with a costume… pls prepare your wallet… :rofl:
Baldur is an example…

Mok-arr, Reuben and the entire family of old pirates (they were the first tournament, and I think they deserve a better memory) seem to me to be the ones that need to improve the most, apart from giving Telluria its previous level

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I don’t think u can look past Myztero for a much needed buff. Super rare, needs to be hit so needs survivability. If no ailments on the opposition he’s pretty average at best so a damage increase & slight increase in def & HP is needed IMO.

Then definitely don’t take Myztero!

My problem with him is that his niche has more counters than any other niche in the game. People struggle against minions, fiends and the ultimate niche… raw OP damage!
But for the ailment niche, there may be more counters in the game than there are actual ailment dealers.

So then when weighing material… the Dark Element is also loaded with heroes the excel against many niches! including ailments…

Making the rare… and secret hero nothing more than an expensive side dish.

If you got plenty of material laying around and just… tired of poking at your broccoli, go ahead redesign a team for ailments and still lose from time to time.

If his stats didn’t require so much support, perhaps rerolls would be less abundant, meaning his niche could widen to teams with less ailment dealers. Maybe even climb higher to some of the meta defenses.

Until then… you can lose quite a few matches by taking him with 1 or 2 allies to guarantee that he memorizes something rather than sit charged and waste tiles.