Hero bonus

Maybe it’s me but doesn’t seem like when you pair certain Heroes together that it’s almost like they get bonus, extra power? I know it sounds silly.

That is true for some of the Atlantis heroes. Based on family.

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As @Adirtyempire mentioned, it’s true for Atlantis heroes from the same family. Each family has a particular bonus.

It’s also true for heroes of the same color — stacking multiple heroes of one element considerably increases the strength of tiles of that color.

It’s also true for some HOTM that have Element Link, which provides additional abilities or buffs to heroes of that color while their Special Skill is active.

And it’s true of some heroes that have good synergy together — for instance an attack buffer like Boldtusk with a strong attacker like Triton, or an elemental defense debuffer like Guardian Falcon with a strong attacker of the same element like Scarlett.

Were there particular heroes that you found seemed to have extra power when paired together?


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