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This slow mode really slow things down huh

Now we know what they learn from ckrampus nerf

Yes. I went this path after TV were nerfed in mid 2020. I figured that once SGG went down this path, they will only get bolder. And I hoped to be proven wrong: they did get bolder.

If SGG shuts down the servers for this game tomorrow, wouldn’t bother me cos I have other games to play now. My money is now strewn in those other games.


Klaern needs to be buffed or just deleted lol

Nah, Styx tower is coming up, look at the buffs they are getting. Come on Whales, time to splash the cash and donate to your Dev Gods LOL. Can’t wait till they nerf all the Halloween hero now that event is coming to an end, lol.

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Hopeful that doesnt happen, but I’ve only heard of the Gravemaker, Telluria, and Vela issue, and was around for the Krampus nerf, but if thats on the horizon, lol glad i didnt get them haha

How about let’s start with stop releasing sooo many OP chars every 2 weeks, how is that ? Balance??? LOL, you want to talk about balance… Too funny.


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Excuse me, balance? What’s the meaning of balance here?
I’ve been attacked by an user (this is him/her defence, and I’ll keep it anonymous, of course) and I cannot counterattack because is practically impossible to defeat it with my heroes (limit broken gargoyles and witches included).
This game needs a general improvement of graphics, buildings, a Telluria without multinerfs, etc. no more OP heroes delivered faster than a McDonald’s burger.