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First, stop planning a new costume release and adjust the hero balance. What the players want is simple.

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In principle, it is welcome that there is an explanation why nerfs are carried out. It is a sign of good management and thus comprehensible why nerfs are necessary. Otherwise, the wildest speculations arise.
Nevertheless, SGG should be very careful about releasing a lot of new heroes, because with each new hero the complexity of balancing increases.
Should nerfs still be necessary, all people who have the affected hero could compensate as follows:

Hero up to 3.70: no compensation
Hero > 3.70: one 4* material of the hero colour
Hero with emblems > level 5: 4* material and reset token

Is it though? Seems there are many spenders who want to purchase imbalanced heroes and complain when new releases are not OP.

And will complain even further if you dare to balance an OP hero.

It seems we are a fickled bunch.
Next try to lobby for a buff… and be met by protesters again.


It does not mean balancing through nerfs…
The problem with useless heroes lasted for a very long time.
I’m in the opinion that nerf should be the last method.

For every OP hero there is an underwhelming, under powered hero. This could be considered balance. The developers could want to balance the game in this way. The problem comes from the horrible summons odds. Where some unlucky people have only pulled the underpowered, underwhelming heroes. Those who have good luck or don’t mind spending tons of money are able to gain the stronger and more exciting heroes. The balance comes from both ends of the spectrum. One side has really strong desirable heroes the other side has the weak and undesirable heroes. Then there is the truly balanced heroes with modest power and are functional enough that people will keep and level them because they add depth to their rosters, in the middle. Its a picture of balance we can’t see because the exciting OP heroes are so overwhelming when going against the heroes that have the mediocre and underpowered stats.

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Exactly this. I still keep posting on the forums, but after all this time spent and money spent with no real engagement by SGG … it’s only a matter of time for me.

For example… I would post something like this knowing it will never get responded to lol: Quarterly Communications curated Q&A or annual AMA

But at least I tried to contribute positively, despite the frustrations that too often color my posts.


Yeah. How come Boss Wolf is not really a boss

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Im 100% agree with balancing the heroes but please take a look at all the heroes…like bera vs noor.We have bera freya seshat with some strong minion and 2 red heroe with real minion,noor and puss, but noor can not compare with the purple minion heroes.

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I suspect he is not even a real wolf

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I’m ok with slight nerfs but i have the feeling that sometimes heroes are released evidently Op to sell more.
Also as much as i can accept nerfs why dont we ever see a buff on those old and outdated heroes(S3 heroes buffs aren’t included since they are not outdated)?
If it is for the sake of balance why don’t you buff Noor, Thot Amun , Aeron, Red Hood, Perseus and so on?
If it is for the sake of balance why do u intend to release costumes for already op heroes like Finley, killhare, jabberwock and gravemaker?
Wouldnt those heroes require a nerf in the first place?

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Finley, killhare, jabberwock and gravemaker… etc overpower heroes do need costume, but only for class conversion purpose and no buff on their basic state, that’s more balance (and fair) to old heroes.

So costume setting may be like this :
S1 - More buff to basic state.
S2 - Lesser buff to basic state than S1 costume.
S3, HTOM - No buff to basic state.
S4 and event heroes - No costume.

With the high tp S4 heroes + costumes for already excellent heroes, you are negating a great deal of time and or money already invested in the game.
The message for some time has been a very loud: “We don’t care about your loyalty or financial input in the past, we just want to keep bleeding you dry.”
We are being asked to pay, just to prevent us sliding backwards?
Hero Academy sums it up. “Please invest years into the game, so we can reward you with a building that disappoints, and does so at a snails pace lol”
There has been no balance for some time now, and I recommend revisiting alot of the older content and heroes before piling on the OP, so that older players have some sense they can keep up without remorgaging their house.


Or they cold be setted as:

  1. Everyone has the same team power and derived stats;
  2. Costumes now doesn’t provide any bonus to stats;
  3. Mana and crit nodes gets improved.

But who am I kidding? There’s no way they will ever do point 1.

I don’t see it as a nefarious cash only grab when a new hero is released. I’m not remotely naive but I play a lot of other games and there is a fine balance between “good enough to want” vs “too good for the meta”

When they get it wrong there should be some tweaks and we should expect them.

Sometimes the players are also to blame for the meta shaking violently. When a specific set of synergies are found a certain percentage of the player bases goes hard at getting them so they can “Be the best” for whatever reason. People watch their YouTube’s or read about it in alliance chats and try to get in on it as well. So rather than it being a few people, everyone gets it and suddenly it’s stale again and you have to shake it up or just give up on your game frankly.

I play Warhammer 40K competitively and it’s no different there. We are just very used to nerfs now so no one at the top is remotely surprised when they happen. They just want to ride the train for as long as they can.

I have a perfectly decent roster but I’ve not chased for any single hero so if/when a change happens I just shrug. I don’t have Frigg or Odin so the change didn’t make any difference to my roster but does make a difference to my playing experience. And the same defences over and over and over is Dullsville. Just because I can beat it doesn’t mean I want 6 times straight…I want variety and clever synergies.

So as usual I not only applaud balance changes I actually wish they were more frequent. A monthly state of the game review would be awesome. Let’s see some of the older heroes get little nudges to let them keep up a bit. We will still try for new heroes whatever happens but keeping my roster relevant is a great thing to hope for.


(post withdrawn by FBI, will be automatically raided in 24 hours unless surrendered)


And they nerfed Vela and telluria to bones. Telluria is now useless. Vela is still usable but outdated. A 12 months already outdated.

If Telluria is “now useless”, why is she (and Vela to some extent) still crowding the battlefields every war? :thinking:

Someone did not get the memo…


Telluria as Tank and Krampus as Flank are a very effective duo …

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Because of emblems and got no other to substitute her. Mine with +20 is benched and Vela too

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