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Balancing Heroes is always a hot topic among the players and we wanted to address some of the most common questions and concerns by publishing a new Hero Balance FAQ. This FAQ will be also available in our system portal soon. You can read the full article below:

Any thoughts or comments on this new FAQ? Let us know here! :slight_smile:


Why don’t you balance Boss Wolf?


Why don’t you balance Noor, boss wolf, Thoth etc ? They really need some buff.


We use all the tools at our disposal to make sure that the new Heroes won’t be too strong compared to the old ones.

@Petri I hope you notice the very WWWWIIIIIIIDDDDDDEEEEE gap of power or strength between S1 heroes vs S3, ninja and even new challenge and seasonal event heroes.


Please the damage of Thor… is to low :sob:


I really don’t know how much this FAQ could help calm souls rather then make them even more restless.

But, ok?


But there are some heroes which have been discussed about in the forum so as they get a buff but nothing has been done yet. The main examples are Thoth-Amun, Inari, Noor, Zulag and Boss wolf, guardian owl… and Jade (although there isn’t a specific thread for her as everything concerning about ninjas must be together).


That’s a bit cynical post of yours, SG. We already know that and you know the changes needed.

You know the gap between heroes. You don’t want to fix it for money. We got it. That’s it.

Now you want us and testers to waste even more our times with ideas just for them being ignored? I’m fine with the game, I am not speding, not stressing, not expecting much… but nope, you already know what to do.


Guardian Owl and Noor please


Balancing heroes is ok. What you did with Odin and Frigg is an ok tweak but please be careful to not overnerf heroes because it can destroy them. Telluria was too powerful, arguably, the last nerf destroyed her.

Thats why people go mad, because they have a worth hero and if you go too far nerfing it they simply wasted resources on maxing it. More if those heroes we are talking about use so rare resources like 4☆ ascension mats. Then no compensation can return the resources spent there . An option to restore the materials used on the hero could be a solution(only available when the hero is touched by devs). The food and iron is lost but the materials would be fine to get them back if the user wants.





“Ideally, all new Heroes would be perfectly balanced before they are released.”

Thank you :+1:
I know this is challenging. Unique skills can cause unforeseen metrics and synergies. Not to mention what happens when the masses sink their teeth in?

“Our aim is always to ensure each Hero provides some utility in the game.”

Excellent! Being mindful of the ecosystem will be met with resistance…by some who thirst for imbalance… But the goal is appreciated.

This is where trouble runs into paradise.
And can upset the ecosystem.

My primary concern is not how long it takes to grind and develop a 5* roster.
I’m ok with that.
But… when you combine that it does take years… to develop a full 5* roster
With "exciting and desirable" pulls.
The amount of time is presenting our roster to eventually…become:
less exciting…
less desirable…

Which eventually begs the question: Why pull at all?

I do understand the goal. And hope that your success is matched by enjoyment of your long term customers!
Rather than a feeling of helplessness.

Meaning that:
Exciting and desirable is wonderful.
Important even!

But, I hope you can achieve this while maintaining the ecosystem!


I am generally disappointed about how this community reacts to balance changes.

I am of opinion that these are required to keep game healthy and enjoyable. Shake things a bit every now and then, encouraging players to rethink the game and their strategies. Frequent balance changes may also be a remedy to keep old heroes viable, even if they appear to disappear from meta completely.

Unfortunately, apparently the Telluria saga caused this community to be on pitchfork duty every time a balance update is even mentioned. Sadly, collateral damage of that is also that we see substantial buffs such as Aegir, Kong or Atomos so rarely. Which I think is generally bad for the game in long run. But I am just one voice against the masses.


@Petri thank for for opening the discussion on this.
Hopefully it will address all these never ending threads of nerf this hero and buff that hero.
I believe there should be continuous balancing to preserve the game.
However, my greatest concern for the player base is the power creep in S3, S4, Ninja etc etc.
You still have a huge “new” player base with the majority of their roster at S1 - same for some cheap to play and free to play players.
Even with costumes some of these heroes are redundant and will forever sit on the bench.
I believe every hero has a part to play in this game but it’s getting very top heavy. We need to do something collectively to address that issue as a priority.
And in my honest opinion buffing new heroes like the call for Thor will only compound the problem


That would be better than rewarding players with emblems and flasks. I know that the amount of food and iron invested is really big, but it’s easy to get it.


The balances changes are needed . I used to play a card game, one of the most know games of this style.

When they nerf a card that is breaking the game, they refund all the arcane dust that card costs to be created. How to get the refund? First you need to have the card and then you have to click on the disenchant option.

SG can implement something similar, for a limited period, a week or two after a nerf hits the game. With that option only available for the nerfed hero for people who maxed the hero at least they will give you the chance to get the materials back.

Yes, the option of recovering the materials is a fair treatment. The iron and food is a lost investment, its too big to be recovered. The emblems can be recovered by using a reset token


Agree with that. I think I was suggesting something similiar in the past as well. A little compensatory mechanism to reset the hero ascension mats and maybe even some food bundles for limited time could be a great idea to manage the riots. If you think that 3 more tiles requirement makes Frigg trash hero, you should be able to put your mats on Horghall instead.


It’s really hard to find a balance in this game. One of the last examples is the Frigg - Odin - Thor issue.

I’m not an expert at all in gaming, but maybe a bar could be set up for all heroes before they were released and move through it. Then we’d have balanced heroes, not so strong, not so weak.

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I am sure - S4 heroes will be perfectly balanced before release … for getting more money :slight_smile: Re-balance it’s OK, but I really can’t remember global rebalance in this game. Only releases of OP heroes and cosmetic changes for old heroes.


The problem with so many heroes is that sooner or later devs will find a creativity wall. Its easier to release new 5☆ with high stats, to attract costumers, than heroes with whole new and interesting mechanics.


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