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she is good in quests because she can build 15 sparow

Have given Zulag 18 emblems right from the start and tested her for some weeks. She is absolutely worthless in the war defense. Doesnt work neither as tank nor as flank. She is also useless for the offensive teams, because the buff and heal comes only for 3 heroes in your team. For titan attacks also not good. The only team where she works is the tournament with damage depending on buffs. Sorry, this is the worst HOM now. She needs urgently an upgrade.


From the moment I saw her, I thought she needs some form of dispel immunity. Ideally this should be done through the HotM special effects instead of resistance to sand damage. It can also be semi-achieved by replacing one of her defensive buffs with dispel immunity (like Brynhild has). That will make her usable as tank. Otherwise she is utterly useless.

I think we can all agree that the common opinion is that Zulag, at her current form, is not really impressive hero. It has been pointed out what improvements she can get, no point repeating everything again. She is just really poor both offensively and defensively.

And yet, despite what the general opinion is, i dont see many people talking about it, especially in this thread, which suggests balance discussion. If we want our voice to be heard by SG, we need to be more vocal. Maybe then they will think of improving her (remember Telluria, Vela and other hero balance discussions).

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Actually, they have shown more than once that they do not care to listen no matter how vocal the community is. Even less so if there is no $$$ to be earned with the proposed changes, so I don’t expect them to buff the weak HOTMs anytime soon.


Another HOTM that is outshined a 4 star C. Rigard. It is extremely dumb for a 4 star to carry more usefulness than 5 start HOTMs.
Zulag - Aeron both needs to be buffed so they are both better than C.Rigard.

Can remember that E&P buffed Aegir within short period of time after he was introduced. Ok, this buff didnt make him a great hero, but he is at least useable (which Zulag in her current form is not) and it shows that E&P also cares about changes.

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Zulag is an HOTM: Humiliation Of The Month


@Rumhirn. I agree with you. She should effect all heros with a minimum am out of damage say 150%. And rebuff. But would prob have to drop healing amount to balance it out.

I understand why the defense buff doesn’t affect all heroes. Well, not really considering costume Melendor does, but I can understand it because there are two defensive buffs.

The healing SHOULD however affect all heroes.

Costume Melendor should not be better than a HOTM. That’s the bottom line.


Many of us believe that the minion summoned by Zulag is too weak.
5% HP is very low compared to what other characters do.
Don’t you find that 10% HP would be more in line with this healer character?
Thank you

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Nous sommes nombreux à penser que le sbire invoqué par Zulag est trop faible.
5% de PV, c’est vraiment peu au regard de ce que font d’autres personnages.
Ne trouvez-vous pas que 10% de PV serait plus conforme à ce personnage soigneur ?

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Everything is under par with zulag in her special, its pretty crazy especially the innate ability of sand damage resistance, unless paired with the right heros (and thats ppl with a very deep bench) only her hp and defense is of 5* quality

C rigard is just alot better and thats sad when a 4* outclassed a 5* she needs to be adjusted, shame its the only hotm I’ve ever gotten in over a year and hundreds of pulls

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She really is much weaker than 4* costume Rigard. Make her effects apply to all heroes and adjust the numbers if you need to. If +46% defense and +74% special skill defense is too much for all heroes, drop the percentages to +36% and +55% or whatever.


Actually I love her. She’s very strong and is a great tank. As always I am wondering how many of those trashing her, have maxed her or even fought her. PLUS stuff like 'isn’t a 5 star better than a 4 star/ she is the worst etc are meaningless since one will always be the last if you asked the ‘who is the worst’ question. Just for the record I didn’t vote cause I genuinely like all Hotm and I have 9 of them. Best for me is Glenda, but this is a different question.

I’ve got her and I fought against her as a tank three times since she was released (it’s really hard to find her as a tank or flank in diamond arena or wars).

When I had to face those teams with Zulag, firstly I just focused on both sides and then the flanks. Her special gives high protection, it’s undeniable, but it can be dispelled. I’ve always thought that her innate ability should be the same as Margaret’s, resist dispells of buffs, and not the useless one she has now.
One more thing, as she’s absolutely passive tank that doesn’t protect the wings and don’t hurt, it allows you to match tiles in the middle and not caring about what’s gonna happen.

If you found a place for her in your teams, congratulations, really.


Another comparison is that Zulag does 614 HP for 3 heroes over 4 turns whilst 4* Shale does 712 HP for all heroes over 3 turns. She needs a serious buff.

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Isn’t zulag twice as fast as shale?

Yep, Shale is effectively very slow before he does anything really worthwhile. Probably the worst Ninja, but also probably better than Zulag, she is atrocious

The Ninjas you really want are Ametrine and Cobalt, so naturally I got Shale and Jade, respectively the most useless in their rarity :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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She is? A simple dispeller COMPLETELY negates her. She is a terrible tank (IMO). She’s kinda terrible everywhere since she only helps neighbors.


Rduke77 so she is terrible because she protects only her neighbours? I guess that applies to Brynhild and other heroes as well.

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