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To add some perspective, my guild doesn’t use purple tanks in war, we aren’t top 1000, and aren’t massive spenders. Pretty average c2p older account as my 4* roster is deep enough to handle war for every color with stacking. My entire 5* roster =

Purple: Sartana (16), Obakan 4.70, Quintus and Zulag 1.1
Yellow: Justice (19) - meh needed him for a war when we tried yellow tanks, will most likely remove the emblems since we aren’t going to use yellow for awhile if at all again
Blue: Fenrir (16), Thorne 5.56 (where my Paladin emblems will go for atk side eventually, no rush), Magni 1.17 just got and working on
Green: Elk 5.5
Red: Guardian Kong (16)

With most hotm having effects that do at least 1 thing great, and then anywhere from 3 to 6 other things average to good, I’d rather stick it out and reroll for something that is able to synergize with many other heros than just a hypothetical meta with 4 other specific heros only. And I don’t see an issue with taking out that hypothetical meta with my current total roster in raids.

add special skill like kiril ,crigard, boldstuck (atk/defense buff) to allies +nearby would be the real 5star hero…

Uh no noor isn’t garbage. Noor has saved me and allowed me to hang in when all my hero’s were nearly one shot and against teams with power of 2600/2700 power. Zulag however is a different story!


Zulag is useless but noor unless you’ve run 50-100 simulations in different areas of the game. Not limited to quests , raids , regular levels season 1,2,3. than no noor isn’t garbage! Some hero’s you can eye ball & know. While others not so much!

In offence I’m planning to use zulag (if/when I ever level her up) primarily to protect 2 slow, squishy and high powered slow heroes eg, isarnia and azlar. I think this could be here best use case to make it more likely that they will go off and change the game, especially in wars when your main heroes that are likely fast or average are all used up

Other than that she’s imo mainly an accessible tank who is good enough but not top level. Early on in the game I didn’t have any tank like 5*s so zulag would have been great back then to keep me going until something better -i imagine there are still a lot of people in this position now

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All player said she needs improvement, I hope you respect your players like always and make some change
The special skill should be undispelable and sand resist are nothing and funny, I am playing for 7 months I just 2 times face with sand enemy in raids
We hope u change her to be a strong tank because that is the purpose she designed for.
This is first time I comment in this discussion and I saw some comments about you ignore the players comments, I love your game and the important reason for me is you respect us. I hope u do it again.

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Agreed I’ve come up against a few zulag now with emblems and had no problem what so ever taking her out with a 4* roster aside from Dom, its laughable when an HoTM is sub par to a 4* hero like melendor or rigard in costume… those give me harder Times, and that’s not me trying to be negative it’s just fact

Just food for thought When you look at grading comparison, and I have all 3 hero’s but zulag isn’t maxed out, although I have come against her and just take Sonya and melendor and she doesn’t stand much of a chance to do anything other then eat tiles

Her defense against specials …??? That helps against dispellers?

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Not really as like I mentioned I just take in Sonya/Caedmon or Mel or a combination and her special is useless other then the minions but even they are pretty weak

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Having costume Rigard+19 I seriously consider giving tabards to Obakan instead of Zulag. At least he’s a fast attacker.

Id actually go zulag over obakan but then again guess we’ll see when his costume comes out…did zulag minions attack get boosted to 10% from 5%? I swear it was 5-5% hp ATK… but I might be mistaken…

But really I suppose it’d come down to what you need more an offense hero or defense?

She really needs to buff all allies and then she’ll be a decent hero without being overpowered. If her defensive buffs were reduced a small bit to compensate for buffing all allies instead if three then I’d be okay with that.
I haven’t used Aeron apart from wars against yellow tanks (which never happens these days) since c.Rigard showed up. I’d use him over Zulag though and he’s a mediocre hero from 2 and a half years ago.

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I’m glad others are finding that Noor is much better than the “bad press” around her.
I’m a big fan, she has been in my main anti tell team for the last few months with great results. And obviously she is great in any form of PVE.


I think she should heal 459 HP for three turns, like Aeron does, while boosting 46% defense and 74% defense against Special Skills for all allies, but also during 3 turns instead of 4. I think that this adjustment would make her more playable without making her too strong. Nowadays a 4* costumed hero like Melendor is way, way better than she is, and I find that pretty annoying.


Zulag is now the worst HOTM. Only healing nearby and specials that can be easily dispelled. She an average mana in a fast mana meta with skills that are limited. Her unique attribute against sand is useless outside of the sand event (that happens once a year). Her limitations make her a waste of materials.

4* Costume Rigard is far superior and cheaper to ascend!! Other 4* heros can render her useless as well. If that doesn’t say it all nothing will.

Isn’t a 5* supposed to be superior to 4*? The devs failed on this 5* and need to revise her. How did this make it through beta? I can’t imagine the beta testers didn’t say the same thing.

She needs her special either needs to impact all allies (best improvement), protect her abilities from dispel, reduce the turns, or speed up her mana. Unless some of these affect all allies C-Rigard is still better.


If her skills go to all allies, I’m ascending her immediately…even if they reduce her skill values. If she stays as is, then I’ll leave her at 3/70 forever.


I really hope they do something with zulag she’s got potential but I dunno what they were thinking when they made her, its just all wrong…at least ares gives crit and attack buff which sets up alot of hurt if flanks fire…but yeah the sand damage is just all wrong…and melendor costume is better then zulag and even against it just use mel and zulag is just a tile eater…I think this is the result of the GTV combo and nerfing while zulag was being made…sad as its my 1st and only hotm in over a year of playing…I’m not even getting her to 3.70 just do another rigard and costume

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There’s a sand damage HOTM coming out in February.

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Zulag is garbage for almost any level of play.
C. rigard is better. Kunchen is better. I’d even look at a Sabina before wasting 6 tabards on her. Even if she were the only purple 5 I ever got I’d still prob let her rot on the bench.
make something undispellable. such a garbage HOTM. no role for anything, at least not anything good.
I’ve found uses for Noor and Zocc, I cant find one for this hot piece of garbage.


I have her, obviously I don’t use in my defense team because of obvious reasons, if she had a skill that can’t be dispelled, then she could be a better tank without doubts, but in offense team, she’s great, if you put a healer beside her, then your team become a strong wall, I think it’s all about of points of view when you test her in different situations, many players don’t have much options, and need to learn how to use her with your heroes, I’m very happy for having her, she’s helping me a lot, but definitely she could be much better for defense teams…

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