⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Zulag

No element Link can be dispelled…

I should’ve worded that better. Zulag’s elemental link is a worthless minion that’ll die from just tiles, whereas Clarissa’s elemental link gives +30% defense against specials that can’t be dispelled, but every part of Zulag’s special can be.

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Yeah 5%hp and ATK is the weakest Minions in the game and agree using her on offense rather then rigard as a healer isn’t copacetic… she’s purely a defensive hero…
She could be better unfortunately as I said before in this thread seems like SGG is a bit scared of making a good HoTM since telluria


I’m just going to drop this here:

Melendor effects ALL allies. Nearby for Zulag. Is special skill defense better than dispel? Debatable. Mel has better HOT because he’s one turn shorter. Zulag has a longer duration for the defense buff. C. Mel has the mana buff so he’s basically fast with a level 5 mana troop.

Conclusion? Wait for Sabina’s costume for what’s sure to be a purple version of Mel and skip leveling Zulag if you get her. The Tabbards are too precious for mediocrity.


Skadi licks her lips in anticipation of these heroes that pop a weak minion.


LoL yeah but I dunno if that’s usable against her Minions as they are from her and it’s an element Link… I know it’s not able to be taken advantage of by Finley so I’d like to see that tested…or @Guvnor are her Minions able to be taken advantage of by hero’s like skadi or not due to it being an element Link?

They are minions so… they behave as minions including:

  • Being removable by minion removing heroes (Gobbler, Captain of Diamonds, Noor Sparrow Minions, Grimble & Gefjon)
  • Bump existing minions down the queue. Still have a limit of 3x minions so…
  • etc…

And yes, the spawning of these Elemental Link minions DOES trigger Noor as it is cast as part of the special skill.


Minions as weak as these are end up being more of a detriment than a benefit for you - either they have a chance of taking the spot of better minions, or any number of minion counters can be employed to eradicate them and boost the enemy. At best they will not harm you but they will have also zero positive impact.

The worst thing is that these are the first set of these types of minions we will see - they will reappear for the next 4 HOTMs, some of whom are worth getting


Gandalf > Uruk-Hai…


Heck no definitely not balanced. I feel ripped my whole alliance considers the hero a joke

They’ve told me not to even waste ingredients on her which planning not to she can stay ground zero!

I think that this hero takes the crown for the most useless HOTM since the inception thereof and given the power creep in the game that is inexcusable.

Margaret: Hold my beer, now who’s this Zulag?

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I like playing with Margaret. She appeals to my nah-nah-you-can’t-hit-me game play.

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